Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mom and Liz came for a visit!!!

Mom and Liz came last week and stayed with us. We had a blast. Liz has got her mission call to Italy and she leaves in March. We are really excited for her. Mom and Liz came up to spend time with us, to go to as many temples as they could go to, to see Grandparents, and so Liz could see Chris. Liz and Chris were friends in High School, Chris got home from his mission this past summer and they have really hit it off. They have started talking about plans for after Liz's mission, so we'll see what happens. We really like Chris and they make a really cute couple. (Megs there you have it, I also put pictures of them too. I hope you enjoy!!)

Our kids have the best Grandma's ever!! We feel so blessed. Here they are with 2 of their 5 Grandma's both are Grandma Ramussen. It gets confusing sometimes, they usually clarify between the two Grandma Rasmussen's with "The Grandma with white hair, that used to be pink" or "The Sammy Grandma"(Sammy is my Parents Dog=))

Liz and Chris--Oh how cute!!

I love this picture, me and my girls. I don't have any pictures of Kolby at the restaurant because he was asleep in his car seat and covered the whole time.

I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that LeGrand will be all mine for eternity!!!

Sophie is such a sweetie!!! You make me melt!

Adelyn wanted to dres up in a dress to go out to eat, but she didn't tell me until we were all piled in the car and almost late. So to make it all better she got to wear my "Aunt Sue" necklace, and she felt like a queen.

Brayden loves to have fun. He always helps everyone else have fun too!!

Here we are either trying to be suductive or goofy, you can take your pick.

Three of my favorite and cutest people ever!!!!

My mom is amazing!! She is so thoughtful and patient and kind. I love her so much. She comes and serves and serves. While she was here this time she offered to watch Kolby and have him sleep down stairs with her, she fed him a bottle and I was able to get 6 hours of sleep that was uninterupted. It was amazing. Mom also watched the kids so LeGrand & I and Liz & Chris could go to the temple. It was so thoughtful of her, I wasn't expecting to go to the temple for quite a while, or even on a date with LeGrand for that matter. She is always thinking of others before herself. I was even able to run to the store without any kids a few times, it was amazing! I love my kids and all but it is so much faster and easier without everyone! We stayed up talking, she did our laundry and dishes. I felt spoiled when she was with us. Mom Thank you for everything. We love you tons!!!

Kolby with Grandma Rasmussen

Grandma Larsen is such a sweet person. She had to come and get a squeeze on our handsome son too.

We love having Paul at BYU. He gets to come over for Sunday dinners often and it was fun having him over even more while Mom and Liz were here. Your awesome Paul.

Here is our little man. Kolby, you bring so much joy into our lives.


Emily Rasmussen said...

Cute Pictures! I'll have to call Liz to get more juicy details. Stew and I love lovey stuff. Every time stew calls home he ends up trying to get everything he can out of mom, dad, Liz and whit! I am excited we get mom soon too! Love ya!

Megan said...

Oh I loved reading that Becs! Thanks for the Chris clarification now I know who in the heck he is... and I just might like him. When does Kathy come to my house? Is there a waiting list? Don't we just have the greatest family in the world? I loved the Chucka-Ram-Pa pictures especially the one of you and your girls and you and your mom and liz being all sultry. We really need to play. Seriously.

Kirsten said...

Mom...if you read this...we need a MOM fix too! :) Becca thanks for posting all the pictures, except now I am REALLY homesick! And Chris...oohhlala! Thanks for I have a face to picture with any stories I come across! ;) All the kids pictures are so guys make cute kids. And I also love the picture of you and the girls. Gotta get some of me and the kids...they've got to remember they had a mom not just a Dad! ;) THanks for sharing! Love ya lots!

Cristy said...

Hey Becca!
You too have such a cute family!! It has been a long time since we have seen eachother. We all used to have so much fun...but we are raising another generation who can hopefully have just as wonderful friends as we did!! If they are lucky enough! Give your Mom a BIG hug for me! She is one of the rare ones!