Saturday, January 26, 2008

Numa Numa Kiddos

I have to start by saying thank you to Stew and Emily. Since the Numa Numa song has been on your blog our kids have had lots of entertainment. They have loved watching it over and over, and when we say that's enough of watching it they have been singing it over and over again. Last night LeGrand watched the kids so I could run to the store which was amazing for a few reasons- no kids, I was able to get out of the house, and it was good to get a menu planned out and be stocked. When I came home from my liberating grocery shopping trip, they were excited to show me what they did while I was gone. I hope you enjoy...I know I did!!!

If your not familar with the Numa Numa Guy, check out the You Tube Video bar on the Right side of our Blog. Thanks!

Our Numa Numa Kiddos -Take One!!!!!


Beth said...

I showed these to my kids and they LOVED it!
Lincoln says, "You were just lip syncing at first, but then you were just singing it."
Asher says, "I liked that song and it's funny!"

Jed and Leona said...

that is sooo cute, i espicially loved his eyebrows, right on cue!