Monday, March 28, 2011

St Patricks Day 2011

Got to Love St. Patricks Day

Kolby LOVES helping me cook. It happens every day...every meal....he's so cute...once he was over at a friends house and didn't want to come home and I told him we were going home to make dinner and that I needed his help and he jumped right up and ran to put his shoes on. Too Cute!! I love having my little helper while I cook dinner.

Sophie actually ate the green eggs... ok maybe just a few bites of them, but if you know her that's a triumph. After She tried the Green Eggs I let her have the regular looking ones.

No one here got pinched!!

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kelly said...

Peyton loves cooking too! Especially dumping ingredients in and stirring. She really wants to chop and dice too but mom's not ready for that yet!