Friday, March 11, 2011

Brayden's Basketball

Brayden just finished his Jr. Jazz Basketball season. He LOVES it! LeGrand coached his team again, and it was soooo fun watching Brayden. He's becoming quite a Baller! He usually plays point guard and has a great shot, good ball handleing skills and moves the ball well. He even dribbles between his legs when he's bringing it down... (see below) I can't even do that. One game he had 16 points... It was really fun watching him!!
I have a feeling we'll be watching him play for years to come! It was fun because 3 of Brayden's good friends were on his team too, Riley Dustin, Caleb Slade and Tanner Packer. It was fun!

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kelly said...

I love that LeGrand is wearing a suit like a real coach!