Wednesday, March 2, 2011

30 already...

I have been bad at blogging lately...I decided I better get this posted before I'm no longer 30.
For my 30th Birthday we had way to much fun!!! Emily thru a suprise birthday party for me and her husband Dan. Our birthday's are only a few days apart and we were both born in 1980. So It was an 80's party, with 80's music, the cake was pac man, a rubix cube and a boom box. It was so much fun!!

Dan and Emily Olsen
Kathryn and Nathan Stitt
Benjamin and Athena Cruz
Tara and Jeramie Stephensen
Brandon and Candace Carter
Amy and Drew Douglas
Now for the embarrising games where they made me and Dan dress up in 80's stuff if our team got the answers wronge... Lovely!!

Emily, Thanks a ton for the party!!! It was sooo much fun!!
Then Suprise of all suprises. Kirsten flew in from Ohio just to wish me a happy birhtday... ok she actually flew in for Becky's wedding, but it was awesome timing and it was so fun to be suprised by her! I love her tons. We met up at Zupas where Jeanette, Megan and Beth joined us. It was soooo fun!!! I love Zupas, my favorite restraunt, and I love these girls!! What a fun day!
Our next stop was the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Provo. Such a cute shop!

Then we headed home, so Kirsten could see the kiddos! It was so fun to drive up and have the kids all run out so excited to see Kirsten!

Then we even got to spend some time together at the Reception that night!! It was fun! Love you Kirsten!!


kelly said...

What a RAD party! You had me scared for a minute that I missed your birthday, then Ty informed me that March just started, oh yeah.

Bowen Family said...

It was really fun to celebrate with you!! You are so great and such a wonderful person! Truly one of a kind!

Emily Rasmussen said...

how fun was your birthday! we love you guys so much I hope we'll get to see you soon!