Wednesday, May 20, 2009

72 hour Kits

We've been working on our Emergency Prepardness and it's been really fun. We still have a ways to go, but it's exciting to be able to say that our 72 hour kits are all together and up to date!!! It's hard to believe how many bags we have...I guess it's shows that we've officially got a big family.
I can't wait till we have more things in order....but I do know that if we follow the Prophets and do our best, we will be blessed!


Jaime said...

That is what we've been working on as well. I don't have ours totally complete though but I do know what's there and I have a list of what I need to buy and they are in a spot where I can reach them and get to them. (: Now I'll need to make one too for the baby.

By the way, the chicken came out so good. It'll definitely be a recipe I'll use often. Thanks.

The San Diego Mills said...

That's really nice that you got those done. Good for you, because that's a lot of work! We have been trying to get an up to date 72 hr. kit for Addy. Would you mind telling me some of the items you put in for your kids? I would be interested in hearing how you did it.

kelly said...

Ditto, what do you put in them? We have a huge bag of blankets and we have food, that's it for our "72 hour kits"

Yasmine said...

You're so good. Ours are old. We don't even have one for McKay and they probably have expired pedialyte and size 2 diapers in them. Thanks for reminding me to update!!!