Friday, May 15, 2009

Hiking the Y

Hiking the Y is such a fun thing to do. Every time we do it, I'm impressed with our kids and their determination to make it to the "top" of the Y. This time we had a 3 families that we love come with us! It made the journey even that more enjoyable!!!
Oh what a cute family!!

Brandon, Candace and Holly; yes they are some of our Favorite people!

The Stitts. We love you guys too and are so glad we are friends.

The Cooks didn't wait up for a picture...either they were so excited to get to the top, or they were avoiding the camera;) ....We love you guys too!!!

These Kiddos were troopers. They were all here except the 3 youngest...Kolby, Taylor and Caleb. I have to say, these kids are cute!
I love how dramatic Brayden is... he's such a cute little ham.
Love this Picture! LeGrand is such a good Daddy!

This was a welcomed sight..... we're almost there! Yeah we made it!! We've never done it before with 10 kids. How fun!
Sitting on the Y is such an amazing thing. I love the view, the sense of accomplishment. You can see 2 temples from up there, the Provo Temple and the Mt. Timp. Temple. We are truly blessed to be so close to Temples, for all of God's creations, for good friends, and an incredible family!!!!


Janelle Ehat said...

So so much fun! I was feeling so great when it was still too cold to go up and now that it's warm enough I'm too miserable!! We'll have to go up with you guys sometime after this baby is born! Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Kirsten said...

You guys have been up to some fun things!!!! Your family is so cute and you and LeGrand do such a great job with the kids! Someday we'll join you in hiking the "Y"...that's a promise!!! I LOVE the picture of Kolby and LeGrand. He is getting so big-I can't believe it!!! We love you guys and miss you tons!

kelly said...

Last time we tried to hike the Y with you guys it started raining with thunder and lightening. I want to try it again this summer.