Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Apple

For those of you know our Sweet Sophie, you know that she's a picky eater.....during dinner tonight she was sad that no one was getting her food or at least food that she "likes". We started talking about all the foods that Sophie does like... Pizza, Spaghetti, Cereal, Vanilla Yogurt, Grapes, Bananas, Carrots, Crackers, Bread....(believe it or not the list could go on;))
Then I said, "Oh Sophie, you like Apples too."
Sophie said, "I used to like apples."
I said, "No you still like them, remember Snow White even loves apples." (this got her to try the apples in the first place and she's liked them ever since, I guess until today.)
This was Sophie's reply..."Well after Snow White ate the apple she died, remember?"
Oh hopefully I can convince her that their really aren't "poisoned" apples so we can get back to one of her healthy favorites .... Wish me luck.


Tara said...

Kids are sooo smart...they are just one step ahead it seems! Quincy is our picky eater....tonight we ate what we refer to as Quincy's chicken. I have to make it every couple of weeks or so to make sure the kid doesn't starve. He eats so much of this dish that we are all pretty disgusted by the end of dinner! Well at least his tummy will be full for a few days! :)

Jarom said...

That is too cute, Becca! What a funny, smart little girl! Good luck and please let me know what tricks you use to get her to eat! I've finally got my own picky eater and his list is much shorter than Sophie's!

kelly said...

Oh how cute! I can't wait to see you guys. I am so excited! It has been too long.

Yasmine said...

It's good that you keep record of this stuff-- the things they say are so funny and precious.

You could try slicing the apples and letting her dip them in peanut butter or our favorite dip of sour cream mixed with sugar.