Thursday, December 4, 2008

LeGrand's Favorite Day of the Year...Thanksgiving

Why would Thanksgiving be LeGrand's Favorite Day of the year you might ask....We'll it's filled with Family, Football and Food. We love Thanksgiving! Every Thanksgiving morning it's almost like Christmas for LeGrand...he can hardly sleep. He's up and on the Football field as early as he can be. We love to go watch daddy "Tear it up". He's seriously an amazing football player and it's fun to watch him do something that he Loves to do!
Bryan and Helga came and stayed with us the night before Thanksgiving...we had so much fun being with them, playing Catch Phrase, Helga and I won of course...just like we always do:) But it was a close and intense game! The kids loved reading books with Aunt Helga and it was just fun being all together! LeGrand LOVES playing Football with Bryan! They are such cute Brothers and Friends!! (Bryan and Helga just found out they are going to have a baby girl!!! We are so excited!! Yeahh!!!) Here are some fun pictures of the day!!!
The boys played for hours...LeGrand probably wishes they could keep playing for more started out good, hard core football, but as the time went on and people started to leave and get tired they let the kiddos join them. Adelyn was the first to ask to play! She's a doll. Brayden, Adelyn and Sophie all ended up playing and everyone was so cute with them, including them, cheering for them, watching out for them....They each scored a Touch Down too!!! It was fun!!! I bet Kolby will be out there with them next year!!
LeGrand and Bryan are such cute Brothers and Friends!! I love watching them together!
This is the best picture I got of LeGrand's skills....All I'm saying is I'm glad he's on my team!!!

This is when LeGrand sprained and ankle...I always get nervous since we have already had so many football injuries...2 sprained ankles, a pulled hamstring, a pulled groin and some sore muscles is what we came away with this time...not too bad. As LeGrand was hobbling around the following day, I asked him if it was worth it and he smiled, chuckled and said ,"Oh YEAH!!" That's my Man!!

Here are the Fans!!!! Go Daddy & Uncle Bryan!!!!!
After a while of sitting there cheering...Adelyn decided she wanted to play...
Then Brayden and Sophie decided they wanted to play too...Here is a hand off to Brayden...The run.....and the Touch Down!!!! Go Brayden!!! Aren't they all so cute playing out there with the big guys!!
I'm sorry but do you get any cuter than this!?!?
Kolby sure loves his Daddy!!!
These boys had the best fans around... actually we were the only fans there..but that's OK! I guess all the other wives were busy cooking a Thanksgiving Feast...but we just ran home after the Amazing football game and whipped some last minute things together and headed over to the Williams house!
OK, Talk about a Thanksgiving Feast!!! The Williams Crew really knows how to throw a party!! Meridee, Thank you soooo much for inviting us to spend Thanksgiving with you guys!! We love you and love spending time with your family!! You guys are the Coolest. Oh and we LOVE the addition to your home!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!
What more could you ask for, to be with people you love, relax, eat, play games....It was a perfect day...

Here we are getting ready....This was seriously Yummy, Yummy Food!!! Good Job Everyone!!!

Oh we have sooooo many things to be Thankful for!!! All the kiddos did great, they are all buds and love to play together!! Grandma & Grandpa Ras were there, Meridee & Lind, Courtney & Matt, Joel & Beth, Megan & Dan and of course Cam, he had a few friends over all the kiddos!
Seth, Brandi and Nicci came over and visited for a while too!! What a Treat! It's so fun when we can get together!! We love you guys!!! ...I'm bummed I didn't get any pictures though. Brandi send me some of the ones you took...please!!! Thanks, I love you tons! Oh, Grandma and Grandpa Ras are some of my favorite people!! It's hard to see them get older. The past few years have been really hard on them....Grandma has Alzheimer''s still in the early stages but it's challenging none the less. Grandpa had a stroke this past year and you can tell taking care of Grandma has been hard on him. Bless them....they are such good people, it's hard to see them get older and suffer!! But they are still amazing!

Wow, when the kids just play happily and peacefully all day you know they are good kids, good friends and had a good time!! Thanks Williams Crew!! We love you!!!


Kirsten said...

What a fun day you had!! I love the football pictures of LeGrand with the kids and with Bryan. Super cute!! Those are ones to treasure! It looks like you had a fun filled day and I bet Thanksgiving at the Williams was so fun. (I am jealous in a good way!!) Cute pictures of everyone!!

Next year I told Ammon I am cooking Thanksgiving on Wed, so I can go and watch him play football on Thursday instead of cooking alone in my kitchen and stressed about the meal. He's not so sure about that but I am seriously thinking about it!! ;-) Or maybe next year we should all just go of these years maybe! Love ya lots!

Jaime said...

Very cute football pictures. I love seeing my husband being a daddy. It makes me love him all the more. I can't believe how big your baby is getting!

natalie a said...

ok - so you win for the worlds longest entry :) Travis played with Bryan and the boys after lunch - I'm glad he wasn't the only "old fart" that came away a little sore :) Looks like it was a fun day for all!

We look forward to seeing ya again - we'll have to do that soon! :)

~H said...

I love Thanksgiving! We are so glad we got to play with you guys!!! And I'm glad we beet the boys again Becs.... we make an excellent team!! :) We were meant to be sisters! xoxo love you guys!