Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kolby's not a baby anymore-11 months old

It's hard to believe that Kolby is already 11 months old...Where does time go??!? Kolby doesn't feel like a baby anymore...he's a big kid... I shouldn't be sad about is fun and exciting...but he just grew up to fast....Yesterday, Adelyn came up to me and said, "Mom, it's so sad, Kolby isn't a baby anymore..." I felt like saying, "I know what you mean!" Instead I tried to talk about all the fun and exciting things there are about him growing up. Here's a list of all the things he does now...
*He's Taken 5 won't be long before he's running all over the house!
*He gets around everywhere, either by crawling, walking along furniture....he's fast.
*He's an expert with the stairs...he gets up them in about 2 seconds it seems, and he turns around and scoots backwards on his tummy down them. It's adorable!
*He's weened...
*He love to play Patty Cake
*He loves to give High Fives
*He loves to Wave at everyone. Every time I say Goodbye or Good Night...he starts waving!! It's adorable.
*He gets into everything...cupboards, name it he tries to get into it...Yes he even splashed in the toilet, pulled all the toilet paper off and played with the plunger....yuck...luckily it was just the handle and it was only for 1 second....still yuck!!!
*He loves to play with the kids now. It's so cute to see them make Kolby makes all of us laugh.
*Kolby loves to feed himself...he's loving more and more table food, holding his own bottle.
*He loves helping me with laundry...OK he just likes pulling all the folded laundry off the couch, but he loves handing everything back to's pretty cute.
*He LOVES it when Daddy gets home from work, I love to see him light up and reach for daddy!!
*He gives kisses...wet, slobbery but so stinkin adorable!! I love it!!
*and he loves, loves, loves to play Peek-a-Boo!!!! Check these out....too cute!!

We love our little 11 month old guy!!!


Anonymous said...

He is so cute and getting so big!

kelly said...

I feel beyond sad that our babies are growing so fast and really aren't babies anymore. It is so fun though what little sweet personalities they develop. I am so excited to get them together, we'll take loads of pictures.

Kirsten said...

I can't believe how fast this year has gone. It seems like yesterday it was Christmas and you were calling to say Kolby was born. He is so cute and getting so big. He reminds me of Brayden everyday when he was that age and he and Ethan used to play together. Kolby you are adorable!! We love you!!

I saw Twilight this weekend. Ammon and I loved it and don't have anything bad to say. It was fun to be on a date and I am looking forward to New Moon when it comes out too. Next time, we should see it together! ;=)

P.P.S. We got your card on Saturday! Soooo cute!! Way to be on top of it this year Becca!!

..Kris Naven.. said...

He's adorable!!!

Kip and Lindsay said...

Becca, your little Kolby is too cute! You have a way cute fam! I hope that when I have more little ones running around I will manage it all as well as you. :0) You are so awesome!