Friday, October 24, 2008


Adelyn had her first Kindergarten field trip ever and it was to Pumpkinland!!! I was so excited because I got to go with her!! We had fun sitting on the bus together, going through the corn maze, seeing the animals, playing on the playground, going through the spook alley, picking out pumpkins and just being together. I go and volunteer in her class every other week, but it's fun to see her interact with her friends in a different setting! I love FALL and all the fun things we get to go and do. Adelyn's teacher is Mrs. Arroyo and we love her!!! I love being involved in our kids lives, classes,'s so fun going on fieldtrips!!! I love you Adelyn, I had so much fun with you!! You are amazing!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

cute pics. That so great that you go to your kids field trips!

Jed and Leona said...

i love pumpkinland, we usually go every year. this year we haven't gone yet because i rare;y have a decent day off of babysitting...hopefully we'll be able to get over there.
cute pictures!