Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Brayden played Coach Pitch this past summer....I just didn't get it posted on here earlier...but he loved it and was really good. It was sooooo fun to watch him. Drew Douglas was his coach with LeGrand as one of the assistants. (LeGrand signed up to coach but they had to many coaches sign up so LeGrand didn't get to do it. He was actually bumbed cause it was the first time that he wasn't Brayden's coach...it's ok honey, you were a great assistant coach too.. )Here are a few pictures of our little baseball star!!! We love you Brayden!!!


~H said...

I see a PRO!!! with a Pro assistant Coach as well of course! Just think of it this way LeGrand... You are really his head coach... in everything! Your his example and inspiration I'm sure! Along with the Lord and Becca of course! :) xoxo We sure love you guys!!! When can we play again?

Gina said...

Hey, cheerleaders are just as important as coaches!