Sunday, September 14, 2008

Let's Go Cougars!

LeGrand, Kolby and I had a really fun opportunity yesterday! We went to the BYU vs. UCLA football game with the Noorda's. Thank you so much Sister Noorda and Chris for inviting us!! We had a blast! Before the game we went into the Cougar Club room, where we had lunch and had a program. It was so fun, good company, good food, and very entertaining!! Thanks for the unforgettable time guys!
During the game, Kolby started getting hot and tired a little bit and I was able to take him back to the Cougar Club room, where he could stay cool and not get sunburned(since I forgot the sunscreen) eat and take a little nap. Just that alone made the game even more enjoyable! Isn't this a beautiful picture?!! I love Utah, we live is such a beautiful valley!!!
Now we need to send out a BIG THANKS to Joel and Beth for letting Brayden, Adelyn and Sophie come and play at your house ALL day long!! They loved every minute of it!!! Except Beth now I need to see a picture of Asher's Jedi robe...Brayden has asked me about 20 times already if I'll make one for him...geeeee thanks...;) Just kidding!!!
Here we are with our WILD Cheering crew!! Sis. Noorda, Bryan, Chris, Kolby and LeGrand!!
Thanks Chris!! Your awesome!
Isn't this just a sweet picture!! Kolby loved the game and did amazing!! Good job dudo!!
This is a typical picture of Kolby...trying to grab everything!! What a sweet heart!
Sister Noorda's so cute, she wanted to make sure I got in a group shot. Thanks!
These two already act like they could be "Brothers" or something! ;)
Ok, this picture is from our seats, and about 7-8 rows up from the bottom, near the middle is my Grandma and Grandpa Ras, in front of them is my Aunt Meridee and Uncle Lind! This picture represents them well. Grandma and Grandpa bleed Blue. They love coming to every game for every sport and every play for that matter. I think they are some of the biggest BYU fans ever!! We love you guys!
The score board says it all!!!!!! Whooooaaaaa!!! Go Cougars!!! This game was unbelievable! UCLA is a good team this year, but you wouldn't have been able to tell yesterday!! We had our 2nd and 3rd string players in for the whole last half of the game. I bet they didn't think they would get much playing time against UCLA...who'd have thought?!?!?!?! We had a blast cheering and being surprised we were dominating so bad!! Go Cougars!!
After the game we went to dinner with the Noorda's at TGI Friday!! It was delicious!!! Thank you Noorda's and Joel and Beth for making this day possible!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

Go Cougars!!! What a great win! We had to listen to it over the radio via the internet, not quite as cool I'd have to admit. :O) Sounds like you had an awesome day! But more then being jealous about the game your pictures make me miss Provo terribly. :( Reno is nowhere near as cool. :O) I hate thinking that next time we are there could be next summer...maybe this winter if we are lucky. So sad. Ok, enough of my whining. Glad you had a great time! Way to go Noordas and Beth, you rock. Love ya!

kelly said...

How fun! Tyler got to go to the Fresno State game Saturday night, that was a big one. That so cool that you got to use the club room and all that, VIP I guess! Kolby looks so adorable in all those pictures. My Uncle Ron is probably not happy about that game. He is a huge UCLA fan and goes to all their home games. Way to go Cougars!

Jaime said...

Albert is going to be so jealous that you guys were there in person at the game. He watched it on television. Looks like fun!

Yasmine said...

It was such an awesome game, I wish we could have been there. My Dad was there though, I'm sure he thought it was great. Kolby is getting SO big!

Pollock Palooza said...

How FUN! I love college football!

The San Diego Mills said...

Funny that you should post about this, because when Ryan and I were watching this game they showed some people in the crowd and Ryan thought it was you and LeGrand. Then we rewinded it back and realized it wasn't you guys. I guess there are some other blond haired blue eyed BYU fans besides you guys. Imagine that, J/K! Also, I knew Bryan in high school and he was such a nice guy! Alright, I'm done!

~H said...

AHHHH!!!! I wanted to go to that game so bad! I gave my ticket to Sonja and she really enjoyed it so I am happy for you guys! I heard it was a great game! :) I sure miss you guys like crazy!!! I looks like you all had a blast! What sweet friends to invite you!
We need to get together soon! We are going through withdrawls! lol Love you tons! xoxo