Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to School!!!

Brayden's first day of 2nd Grade!!!

On Brayden's first day of school, I was a total slacker...I can't believe it, I forgot to take pictures. Luckily Julie, one of our friends was on the ball and had her camera...Thanks Julie!! So we just will have to settle with the 2nd day of school pictures!!
Brayden is our BIG 2nd Grader now!! His teacher is Mrs. Anderson and he loves her!! He comes home so excited every day. It's hard to believe we have a 2nd grader already!! We love you Brayden, I miss you when you are at school, but I'm glad you're having fun!!! Love you!
Papa was here with us on Brayden's 2nd day of school!!! Brayden was a lucky guy to get a picture with Papa before School!!! Thanks for coming and staying with us dad!! We love you!!!

Here's Brayden waiting out in the bus line. This dog "Ninja" comes to the bus stop every morning and is a favorite part of everyone's morning!!! Bray you are so cute!!

Adelyn's first day of Kindergarten!!

Adelyn has been what seems like forever to go to school every day, and to especially ride the bus to and from school. Adelyn has patiently waited till it was her turn, and now that it's her turn she's totally ready. Adelyn told me that if I wanted to follow her to school on the first day that was ok, but she informed me that she would be just fine all by herself and that she knew where her classroom was...It was cute. I think she was trying to make me feel better about missing her.

Sophie is so excited for Adelyn, but she really misses Adelyn when she's at school. Sophie and Adelyn are the cutest sisters!!

Without Adelyn helping me at home with Kolby and Sophie and around the house, I don't know what I'm going to do...Really she's a delight when she's here and I totally miss her when she's gone!! Here we are waiting for the bus outside. Isn't Adelyn so sweet with Kolby...look at her holding his hand...

Adelyn wanted this picture on here. She was really excited about getting her finger nails and toe nails done before school. Check them out...Adelyn with her kindergarten bus buddies... Jacob, Gavin and Zachary.

Here's our big bus rider!! She was all smiles!! Good job Adelyn!! We love you!!

After school, Brayden get's to pick Adelyn up from her class. He's such a good big brother and loves the responsibility of taking care of her after school, in the bus line and on the bus. Here Brayden and Adelyn are with Kirsten and Zachary. I'm glad my kids have such good friends! Here we are, getting off the bus in front of our house!! I'm amazed at how grown up my kiddos are getting!! We love you guys!!!


Jaime said...

I love your daughter's nails. How fun! Your kids are so cute. I always can't get over how much your oldest looks like LeGrand!

On your side bar, where you have your friends and family's blogs listed, how did you get them to read when the blogs were last updated, etc.?

Carrie said...

I LOVED the way it ended...and I totally agree about it not being a teen book! I kept thinking that as I was reading it! I can't wait for the movie - I hope it's good!

kelly said...

I love Adelyn's hair and that pic of her and Brayden at the end is so cute. I also can't believe how quickly the kids are growing up.

The Gage Cage said...

I love Adelyn's hair and nails! I can tell you kids know how special they are because of the way you talk about them in your journal/blog. That's so good!

Kirsten said...

Can this be?!?!? I can't believe how fast time is flying! This is unbelievable! All the kids are getting so grown up now! I can't believe you and I are in the elementary school phase....it seems like yesterday when we only had one and Ethan and Brayden were just toddlers. Oh, this is just going too fast! Addy and Bray, I love your pictures. You both look so excited and it is fun to see all your friends too! Beautiful pictures! Have a great school year!
We love you!
P.S. Brynlee starts preschool today. I can't believe it!

heather said...

Is that the sweetest thing ever?!? I have one more year until Talyse goes to Kindergarten, I am already sad. Your children are so sweet. It must have something to do with the awesome parents they have.

Emily Rasmussen said...

Wow!!! Brayden and Addy I can't believe how grown up you are getting. 2nd grade and Kindergarten!!! We are so proud of you. School is really and fun and very important. Way to go you two!