Thursday, April 10, 2008

Our Week with Ammon and Kirsten and Kiddos!

Wow, What a week!!! Ammon and Kirsten, Thank You so much for coming and staying with us!! We had so much fun and are so grateful for you guys and the sacrifice that you made to create Fun Memories for all of us!! I'll break the trip down day by day....
Ammon and Kirsten got to our home on Saturday evening...and it was so fun to be together again!! I was in the kitchen getting dinner ready and I knew they would be there soon....I turned around and saw Ethan playing with Kolby, except it took a few seconds to realize that it was Ethan and not Brayden... The kids didn't miss a beat...they were all instantly best friends, you would have thought that they were always together every day!! Everyone enjoyed meeting Kolby for the first time. Chris came over and got to meet Ammon and Kirsten and Grandma Larsen came over to get hugs on the kids too. We had a ton of fun talking and playing together. We started the week out with a Rip Roaring game of "Ticket to Ride". It was super fun and we played it a lot thru the week.


Sunday we went to Church all together. We should have gotten some pictures of all the kids dressed up, but if you've ever tried to get 8 kids 7 and under all ready and on time somewhere you would understand why we didn't take lots of pictures before church... The kids were so cute as they paired hand in hand to walk to primary...Brayden & Ethan, Adelyn & Brynlee, Sophie & Karli....It was adorable!!!

After Church we went over to the Ras's and had a BBQ!! It was fun to be with Megan & Dan, Joel & Beth, Cam, Chris, Uncle Lind and Grandma and Grandpa!!! We always have fun when we are together!!

Of Course we had to pull out the WIGS!!! These wigs seem to appear every time the cousins back to when I was a little girl!!! We have fun memories and lots of crazy pictures in these things....

OK, so when we got home and after we got the kids down for bed, LeGrand and Ammon had a crazy game of "PIG". They are crazy and creative with their shots. It was quite entertaining watching them.


Kirsten and i ran a few errands with 7 out of 8 of the kids (Brayden was at school) We have been blessed with really good kids, but we were reminded why it is easier to go shopping without 7 little ones running everywhere. I'm glad Kirsten and I could laugh about it...because if we didn't laugh we would probably be crying! It will be fun in the future to go on shopping trips with just the two of us, but I know that time will come, and it will probably be sooner than we really want it!

We had fun and were able to do a quick family night before they were able to go and be with Kirsten's sisters. Monday Nights(Family Night) is always one of my favorite times of the week, but it was even better with Cousins to share it with!!

Kirsten and I had fun going to Kick Boxing together, Everything is so much more fun when I do it with Kirsten. (I'm a little bummed, we didn't get any pictures of Kirsten or I together the whole week, It's because we were bolth taking all the pictures. Next time....)
We went to the Bean Museum with Joel and Beth and Cam and Paul. It was so much fun!!

We heard that they were going to implode the DT Towers at BYU at 5:00 on Tuesday, since we were just at the Bean Museaum we decided to walk over and watch it...The kids were all so excited, especially all the little boys!!

After we were standing there with about 300 other people for about 10 minutes, we realized that there wasn't any workers running around getting things ready...that nothing was really happening... then we all realized that it was April 1st!! We all fell for it. We thought that it was a Great April Fools joke. Ok, everyone except the kids. They were pretty upset...I still think that whoever thought it up was brilliant.
After the Bean Museam and the DT April fools, we went back to Joel and Beth's and had dinner and played games. Thanks Joel and Beth for playing with us and helping make this week sooo fun!!


We took Brayden out of school so he could just play all day with Ethan....We went to the community center in Lehi. It was fun swimming, we just wish LeGrand could have been able to be with us too!! The kids did great, Kolby loved his first time swimming in the pool. We will have to go again soon.

Grandma Larsen took us out to Cafe Rio after swimming. It was delicious and so fun to be with Grandma. Thanks sooooo much Grandma!! You are amazing!!! After Dinner we went back and played games with Grandma. We love you Grandma!

Ammon watched the kids so Kirsten and I could go to kickboxing together. Thanks Ammon, I just wish that we lived closer so we could work out everyday together!! I'm sure I'd be more consistant if we could do it together!!
Grandma and Grandpa came over to visit and it was so fun to sit and talk with them. They are some of our favorite people. It's hard watching them get older, but they are still incredible and we love them so much and are grateful for their love and example to us!! You guys are amazing!!


Paul went through the Temple for the first time!! It was an incredible experience to be with him in the temple!! I feel so blessed to be able to attend the temple often, so live so close to many temples, and to be able to be surrounded by my family and friends when I'm there. Paul, we love you so much and I'm grateful that you are one of my younger brothers!! You will be a great missionary!! The people in Brasilia Brasil will be soooo blessed!!

After the temple we went back to Grandma Larsen's house and had refreshments!! It was fun to be with so many family members!! We feel the love!!!

Saturday morning we ran to Home Depot, then we went to Grandma Larsen's house to watch the first session of Confrence. It always is fun to be with Grandma in her home!! After the session was over, we ran up to the Ras's and had lunch. It was special because all four of Grandma and Grandpa's kids were here this weekend. Aunt Susan Green came from Santa Fe, Meridee lives in Provo, My dad came up from Vegas(it was fun to see them, they came up to see Ammon & Kirsten and family and to be with Paul in the Temple, I'm grateful that we live close enough that we can see eachother on weekend trips!! We love you guys!) and Uncle Shaun came from California. It's been years since they have all been together!! What fun!!

OK, here are the four siblings, the one on the left is when everyone is trying to relax their faces and then shaking their heads back and forth as fast as they could. You should try it sometime, you can have the worst black mail pictures on the plant it you do this..Maybe I'll post some of our favorite "shaking the head" pictures later...I guess I'll have to get permission first...some of them are really bad!! Then of course they took a cute one. I have incredible aunts and uncles..

The kids had so much fun playing together and exploring and hunting the mountian lion they said was in the back yard. These guys are cute and have fun imaginations!!

I'm grateful for the oppertunity that we had to listen to our Prophets and Apostles this weekend. I have grown to LOVE Confrence weekend. I feel inspired and lifted. I'm grateful for the Truths that I know are true! I'm grateful for our Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. He is an amazing man whom I know is God's mouthpiece on this earth! I'm grateful that we have modern revelation and that God speaks to us today through our Prophet!! We are truly blessed!

David and Sheri had us up to their house for the Sunday morning Session. I love this tradition!! Dave and Sheri you are the Best!! We always have an incredible breakfast and have so much fun being with them in their home listening to our Prophet!! Thank you guys for having us all over. Stew and Emily, we really missed you, Every time we go there for confrence it makes me think of you guys, since we did it together while you guys lived here!! We love you guys too and missed you lots this week!!

We had fun playing in the back yard, jumping on the trampoline, playing with OBI, (no the boys weren't killing him, it just looks like it in this picture!! We even had confrence mints... the little pink candies, when I was growing up we used to get these every confrence and have contests to see who could keep it in their mouth the longest... Ammon won this time..Ammon and Whitney were the champions, they bolth had it in their mouths for about an hour. You should try it sometime, it's hard!!! Good job Ammon!!

For the Sunday afternoon session we went back to the Ras's. Here are a few pictures we took after Conference was over.

Ammon, Kirsten, Ethan, Brynlee, Hailey and Karli, we love you guys so much! Thank you for coming and staying with us, we only wish you could have stayed longer!! We couldn't ask for better friends and family!!! You are ALWAYS welcomed at our home!!


We were sad that it's already time to say goodbye!! We love you guys and are glad that you guys made it home safely!! We have fun memories with you guys and can't wait to create more!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

Fun! The first thing that came to my mind when I saw all the pictures was how grown up all the kids are! I am so used to hanging out with two years olds (in my play group and nursery, and my own kids) It is so weird to see that they are all grown up. Even seeing Paul at the temple and Whit way taller then you Becca is so crazy! It looks like you guys had lots of fun. Thanks for putting in so many pictures and stuff. It is so fun to feel apart of your week. Love you!

Beth said...

My favorite pictures were of all ya'll at the pool - good lighting and cute kids.
I loved getting to see Ammon and Kirsten, they were tons of fun to hang out with!

Pollock Palooza said...

That is a lot of pics! I just sat by your sister-in-law, Kelly, at Time Out for Women... it was so fun.

Anyway the pictures at the Lehi Community Center, we've totally been there with my sister when she lived in Eagle Mountain. Where do you guys live? Is it lose to Lehi? I wish there was an indoor pool fun place out here in California... we'd live there!

Becca said...

We live in Springville, so it's about 20-25 min away. But it was worth the drive!! I wish they had more of these around too!! It Was fun!!

kelly said...

How fun! I love the pics of Kolby and Karli in the wig. I am still looking forward to visiting and finally meeting Kolby. Oh, and what is pig?

Becca said...

You know that basketball game where you spell something...if you make it then the next person has to make it..if they miss they get one letter of whatever you're spelling...

Maree said...

Becca, I TOTALLY loved looking at all of the pictures of you and the fam. You have a GORGEOUS family. It was good to see pictures of your brother and parents too. You guys have certainly grown up since University Ward! NICE family!