Thursday, April 24, 2008

Our Karate Kid!!!

In Feburary and March Brayden took a Karate class. He loved it. It was a class offered through the city and it was Perfect. I don't really want to sign up the kids for a huge commitment right at first. I would rather them try out a lot of different sports or activities and see what they like. Well Brayden LOVED Karate!! During the class he improved so much and became more flexible and more focused. Brayden wore LeGrand's old Karate was soooo cute!! Check our our very own "Karate Kid!!"

We all loved going to watch Brayden. His karate class was at Springville High, so it made it really easy for LeGrand to run over from the Seminary. We are lucky to have a dad who is so involved in our lives!! It was also fun because the room was right by the indoor track, so I took advantage of that;) What fun times.

Brayden's teacher(a 3rd degree black belt) broke a board with her hand...she made it look really easy. She said it is all in your mind, that you just forget about the board and go right through it and it will happen. Here is Brayden trying it at class...under here are some video's of us trying to do it at home. We tried and tried and then LeGrand broke it on his first time...gurrrrr.. but that's LeGrand for you. We recorded them and thought they were pretty funny. Enjoy!!


Emily Rasmussen said...

WOW, I am very impressed LeGrand!!!! THat is really cool! And Bray, I am so excited for you. That is great that you are learning so many new things! Way to go!

My sister's family is really into the Karate thing. The whole family dose it. My sister even dose it and she is huge pregnant. It is pretty impressive, fun stuff.

Love you guys!

The Gage Cage said...

Wan on. Wax off. That board trick is soo weird! I love your blog. It's fun to read and get ideas.

Ok, are you going to Womens Conference? If so let me know. Or if you have any class suggestions. I'm leaving at 5 am Wed. morning.

Kirsten said...

Awesome Brayden!! I love all the pictures and the cool kicks you were doing!! And guys I love the board trick. LeGrand, way to go on being one of the strongest man on earth! ;-) Becca....well we'll have to work on it a bit! Just kidding. You know I love you guys to death and I have been behind on this blogging thing forever now! I love seeing all the great posts and the collage on Addy's thing is so cool. My friend just emailed me a couple of days ago how to do it and I can't wait to try! Luv ya lots!