Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Brielle at 10 months

Brielle, It's hard to believe that you are already 10 months old.  You  have 4 teeth now, after your bottom two teeth came in, you got your vampire teeth next and you are just the cutest little vampire we have ever seen.  OK, maybe you tie for the cutest...since Addy got her vampire teeth first as well!!!:)  You love eating big people food, but you still love nursing too.  You make the cutest little giggling sound right before you nurse every time.  It makes everyone around you laugh too.  You are so strong!!!  You love walking along furniture and have taken a few steps on your own.  You are trying so hard to keep up with your older siblings but I'd kind of like it if you slowed down and just remained our little baby.  It is fun to see you growing up.  You say Mamma, and Dadda!!!  We love hearing it!  You light up the room whenever you enter. You  love clapping and waving and turning off the lights.  We love you Brielle!!!!  You are soooo beautiful!!!! 

Oh how we LOVE this little angel God sent to our home!!!  Brielle brightens each day.  She brings so much laughter into our home, so much joy, so much sweetness.  We love you Bri!!  


Tara said...

Sophie's minime that's for sure! She is adorable. Love her in the red!

Sharon said...

She is getting so big! It was good to see you all the other day! Thanks for coming!