Thursday, December 20, 2012

Brielle 5 months old

Brielle you are 5 months old already!!  It’s hard to believe how fast time is flying by.  These past two weeks you got your first cold.  Even though you felt miserable, you were still a sweet angel girl!  If you were being held and loved upon you were happy.  Not as much got done around the house, but I really enjoyed being your mom, your comforter and your protector.  I love nursing you and having you hold my hand.  Brielle, there is something very special about you.  I know that you were sent straight to me (us) from the presence of our Father in Heaven.  You have a special light in your eyes.  I know that you were supposed to be in our family.  God knew that I needed you before I knew it.  I know that God sent you to me for a purpose.  When I look into your eyes, my soul feels at peace, my heart feels like it’s going to overflow with love and I feel soooooo blessed.  You have been nothing but a joy in our lives!!!  We all love you sweetheart!!

Your new accomplishments include rolling all over the place, laughing, eating solid food, ok, you’ve only tried rice cereal so far, but you love it.  You have found your voice and love to talk and talk and talk…. You make so many happy sounds!!  You love walking around in your walker, you don’t have any aim yet so many times we have to rescue you when you walk under the table.  It’s cute, you fit right under it without hitting your head and the table cloth hides you and I’ll just there you laughing and trying to talk under there.  You love holding toys and chewing on them.  You get so excited to see Daddy and the kids when they get home from school.  You LOVE to be played with and talked to.   You get up in the morning so happy and cheerful.  You love helping me wake up the kids in the morning.  You love our dog,  Daisy, she’s got your back.  She cleans up all your spit up messes.  Gross, but convenient. 

Brielle, you are a JOY!!!  We love you our Precious Angel!! 

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kelly said...

Aunt Kelly loves her too! I love that she laughs under the table, so sweet.