Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's explore and some more!!!

Our kids had a day off of school and we decided to play hard!  We went over to Aunt Liz's house and went exploring and hiking with her!  Liz is such a good and fun Sister and Aunt!  We are so happy that she lives closer to us now!!
We started out at her neighbors chicken and bunny coop. Then it was off to exploring Sanabieth...the land behind her home.  
Then we decided to conquer the mountain behind her house!

We even made it up a really steep part! I was proud of all the kids!!
LeGrand joined us when he was done with his meetings and we continued to explore.  The kids had a blast!

After we got all our exploring desires out LeGrand and I took the kiddos to Trafalfa in Orem.  We had so much fun as a family. We love having the Pass of all Passes so we can go to Trafalga as much as we want to!
The 3D movies
Miniature Golf

It was a loaded day and we were all ready for bed by the time came! Love it!!

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