Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Christmas 2010

Sophies Kindergarten Christmas Program

Sitting on Santa's Lap

Dec 21, 2001- Snow Day
School was canceled for the first time in 30 years here in Utah Valley because of the snow. The Kids Loved it, except that it happened to fall on the day of all the Christmas parties in their classes... It was incredible. These pictures don't even give it justice. We played and played in the snow. We built a huge hill in our front yard and went sledding down it. It was awesome!

We Celebrated Kolby's Birthday with LeGrands on the 22nd. I was sick and felt like I kind of missed out on all the fun. We even ran and bought a cake cause I was feeling so yucky.... it's the first time we've done that. Kolby liked it but we all agreed that my cakes are better. ;) I'll have to make it up to them next year! :)
LeGrand turned 33 and Kolby turned 3.... lots of 3's!

It's hard to believe my baby is already 3. It's also hard to believe that my man is 33. Crazy!!!

Christmas Eve

We started it out having a friends Breakfast and Movie Party. Every family made a Christmas movie, (our was about Icabod the Elf) and we put them all on one DVD and watched them all together! We had a blast making the movies and watching them. The kids loved doing this. We might just have to make it a annual tradition!

Dan and Emily Olsen, Brandon and Candace Carter, Drew and Amy Douglas, Us, Rob and Loriann Cunningham. Here is the crew of kids who are now movie stars! This was seriously soooo fun!!

On Christmas Eve -night, we went over to Aunt Meridee's house and had dinner and our nativity story puppet show, and stories! We love going over to their house and being with everyone!!! Thanks for having us!! Addy and Brayden got to help this year! They were so excited!!

I love Christmas time in our home!

This year it was getting late but we still wanted to act out our nativity scene.. the costumes were a little sparse...but we still had fun!! :)

Of course we left goodies for Santa and his reindeer.

Christmas Morning we gathered in Mom and Dad's room and read the Christmas Story. Everyone was sooo excited!!
We came down to this....

It was cute, Bray and Addy each picked out a little Book of Mormon to give to each other. They were suprised when they realized that that's what they both gave. Cute!

Star Wars was a theme for the boys this year. They've played for hours and hours with their Star Wars Ships!!

The kids all got new bedding which they love. I found Adelyn sitting in her bed in the middle of the day reading her new scriptures. It was so sweet to walk in and find your 7 year old reading the scriptures with out being asked.

The girls got some fake nails and decided to strike a sassy pose.

Dad had as much fun playing with the Star Wars ships as the boys did.

Kolby Loves Lightning McQueen and Buzz Lightyear!

The girls with their Easy Bake Oven...

After Christmas we went to visit Nana and Papa and everyone in California.
Brayden, Micah and Jacob had a sleep over party.
Kolby and Peyton playing Checkers...
The Girl Cousins, Peyton, Addy, MaKyla and Sophie... Cute girly girls....

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The kids keep asking me how long until we come visit you in Utah. It's only a little more than 3 months!