Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Brayden's 9 year Photo Shoot

Brayden is 9 years old now, it's hard to believe that my baby boy is 9!! These past nine years have been incredible. As his mother I feel blessed and honored to be able to raise this amazing Child of God. Brayden has so many gifts and talents. I appreciate that he is kind, he is honest, he is happy and just an all around good boy. If you can't tell Brayden LOVES Basketball, it's actually great leverage...I can get him to do his homework fast, or practice the piano without complaint if the consequence is that he can't take his basketball to school the next day. He's a good son, big brother, friend, student...I'm a lucky mom!!!


kelly said...

Those pics are so cute! Now we both have a 9 year old! That's neat that they let kids bring balls to school.

~H said...

Happy Birthday Bray Man! You are so big and handsome! We hope you had a fabulous birthday! I agree with you Becca, you have a fabulous boy. Brayden has always impressed me with his willingness to help and take care of his siblings. He is full of love and an all around fun kid! Sure love buddy!