Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Adelyn's 7 year old Photo Shoot

7 already??!?!? Wow!!! Adelyn is growing up into such a beautiful young woman. She is helpful, kind, smart, responsible and very considerate of others. She loves to write little thank you and love notes and leave them on our beds. She's soooo sweet!! I love being your mom Addy! Adelyn has become an avid reader reciently. She loves it. Every night I find her reading in her bed! Soooo cute!! Oh Addy, you are beautiful Inside and Out!! I love you sweetheart!!


kelly said...

Ahh, we both have 7 year olds 5 year olds and 2 year olds too! She is looking so much older, I can't believe it. She looks like she's wearing make-up! A natural beauty, lucky girl.

~H said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! Wow you are a gorgeous woman! :) Watch out Mom and Dad! :)

We sure hope you had a wonderful birthday! You really are such a big helper. You are always so kind and are constantly being considerate of others and helping in any way that you can, serving and truly showing your love through your deeds. :)

We sure love you! :)