Thursday, May 6, 2010

I love my Mother because...

My cute, hilarious and amazing cousin Megan asked me to write something short explaining why I love my Mom. She posted it on her blog.
Here it is... Happy Mother's Day Mom!!
My Mom is my Hero because...
She has a firm testimony of Jesus Christ and his restored Church and her example shows through to all who know her.
She Loves Unconditionally.
She Loves everyone around her especially her Family.
She is kind, thoughtful and patient.
She's a Saint, seriously, she put up with raising me...that says a lot!! ;)
She's always been there for me when I need her, even now I know she's only a phone call away. She's supportive...Sometimes I wish she would actually give some advice instead of saying, "pray about it and I know you will make the right decision" if I just knew what she would do it would speed up my decision making process a little...
She knows how to laugh and have a good time.
She has many talents.
Her life revolves around the Gospel and her Family.
She has always and continues to be supportive and interested in my life, my triumphs, my blessings, my family, callings, kids, bad days, talents and interests...
She's constantly serving those around her, and doing it with a smile.
She is always Teaching, Loving and Serving.
She is the best Mother and Grandmother we could ask for!!!
I hope I can become more like my mom with every passing day!!!
I love you Mom!!!! Happy Mother's Day!!!


Yasmine said...

Wow, your mom looks so much like Liz in that picture! And YOU look adorable!

kelly said...

You are already so much like your mom and becoming more so everytime I see you. You are a very lucky girl, well, woman, to have such a wonderful mother.