Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Earning $$$

Brayden's friend Peter asked him to help him sale Soda in his front yard... Brayden had a blast and since then he's been thinking of ways that he can earn some money...any good ideas out there of how a 8 year old can earn some $?
Here's to the summer!!!


Jaime said...

Here, their is a lot of jobs watering yards and putting out trash on trash day. Usually it is for elderly people or people with second homes. Dog walking too.

Bowen Family said...

My kids love making money too! One summer I told them they could have a lemonade and melty bead sale at the end of the summer. I swear they'd occupy themselves for 2 hours everyday making those melty beads. We glued magnets to the back and then sold them with the lemonade. Even if they hadn't made a dime, it was worth the time it kept them occupied.

kelly said...

Jacob cleans the kid/guest bathroom for $2. He does the whole thing and he does a GREAT job, and I don't have to clean their stinky boy pee restroom!