Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tyler, Bryan and Helga coming to visit.

We were able to talk Tyler into coming and spending his birthday with us this year! Tyler and Ben drove down and we had a wonderful weekend with them. Bryan, Helga and Makyla drove down to be with us too. The Boys went golfing for Tyler's birthday, they went to the BYU Football game and were able to go to the Priesthood Session of General Conference together!! It's seriously so fun to be all together!! We have the best family ever!! Thank you everyone for making the trip to be in our home. These Brothers have so much fun together. I'm glad they are such good friends.

Happy Birthday Tyler!!! Since Tyler is a Civil Engineer we made him a traffic light birthday cake. He loved it and so did the kids!

We really just had fun being together and hanging out. The kids loved playing with Ben and holding Makyla. Cousins are the best.

Then the kids decided it was DOG PILE time. All the grownups got dog piled by all the kids!! Too cute!! We love you kiddos!

It's so fun to be with family!! We love you guys!!


Megan said...

What I want to know is: Did you play Moo?

kelly said...

I'm glad my boys got to have fun but I still wish I could have gone too!

Becca said...

Megs, Of Course we did. It's not a party without playing moo!! ;)