Thursday, April 30, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter is one of my favorite Holidays. This year it was so fun, Mom and Dad Ras and Whitney were here to celebrate with us. Thanks you guys for spending this special day with us. We had a wonderful weekend, filled with lots of laughs, together time, easter eggs, candy and had a wonderful time pondering the true reason that we celebrate Easter. I love getting new outfits for Easter. LeGrand was late getting back from Bishopric meetings after church so he's not in this picture with us....sad...but he did look very handsome as well.

The first thing every Easter morning is pile into Mom and Dad's bed where we read the Easter story. I love this tradition, it really helps us stay focused on what is really important.
LeGrand is such an amazing Dad. I'm so grateful to have him at the head of our family.
Everyone was excited about their Easter baskets, thier new outfits and of course the candy.
We spent some fun time with Grandma Larsen on Saturday. She is so cute and had lots of Easter activities and food for us. We love you Grandma!
Easter Fun in Vegas...Happy Easter Everyone!


Becca said...

Oh becca, your family is so beautiful. :)

kelly said...

Cute, cute, cute! I want new outfits for Easter!!!

Tara said...

Love the Easter outfits! You are so good. I didn't buy anything this year. But I kind of matched them with mismatched stuff! Looks like you got yourself a new dress too? fun fun!