Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Go Whitney!!!!!!!

For our Fall Break we went down to Vegas and got to spend some much needed time with Grandma, Grandpa, Whitney, Seth & Brandi and Nicci!!! It feels like it's been a long time since we have been there, and a really long time since we have been there all together as a family. Ohhhh it's amazing to be with family!! Mom and Dad, we love being in your home. Thanks for making us feel soooo welcomed and loved all the time!! We love you guys!!
One of the main reasons that we made the trip was so that we could what Whitney play VOLLEYBALL!!! Whitney is a Freshman on the JV Team. She's a huge leader on the team, she starts and plays the whole time...and she's way good....If you can't tell I'm really proud of her. She's always been an amazing athlete and very coachable. This summer before tryouts she was worried cause she's never played volleyball before and she didn't know how to serve ect... it was soooo fun, LeGrand, Chris and I took Whitney over to the church and we got friends from our ward together and we played volleyball...She learned how to serve really fast and kept just getting better and better. It was soooo fun to see her tearing it up and having so much fun!!
As I was sitting there with LeGrand and our kiddos cheering, it totally brought back memories of me playing volleyball and Whitney sitting in the stands cheering her heart out saying ...."Gooooo Hoober!!!" Your such a doll and I love you to death... I wish we could be at all of your games Whitney but I'm at least glad we could be there for your tournament!! You are awesome!!!! I love you Sis!!!!
We were able to see Whitney play 5 matches and it was sooooo fun!! I left feeling the Volleyball Fever!! I'm soooo glad that LeGrand and I get together with friends in the ward regularly, it's something we really enjoy doing together!!
The kiddos had a blast with Grandma and Grandpa, Whitney, Seth and Brandi and Nicci!!
Mom, thanks for watching the kids and sending LeGrand and I on a date...you are soooo thoughtfull!!! The kids love being at your house!!!
We all had a blast playing with Nicci and Uncle Seth!! LeGrand had fun playing football and golf and just hanging out with Seth too!!! We love you guys!!
Thanks for making this weekend sooo enjoyable, memorable and fun!!! We love you guys!!!


Megan said...

What a fun trip! Your parents really are just the sweetest hosts they always make us feel so welcome in their home as well. What sweethearts. I'm glad you got to see Whigs play. That's awesome she's such a star! I always just was so jealous of you and your athleticism. Good to see such cute pictures of Nicci and your girls. What cute cousins!

Ousizch said...

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Becca said...

wow, I'm NOT okay with Whit being so grown up! :(

what a beautiful family :) Kolby is getting SO BIG!!

Brandi Lyn said...

What cute pictures!! I'm so sad i was at work all weekend when you guys were here. It was so fun when you came and surprised me. I just love your little family. Nicci talked about Addy and her toenails forever. I'm glad Seth got to see you and La; it's been too long.

Isn't whit a doll?? Gosh dang it i could not ask for a more amazing little sister. We love you Becs. And YES, we are SO having a Twilight party. We need to figure out whether its going to be here or there. ORRR, maybe your little sis will have to come crash your girl party! ;)

Brandi Lyn said...

p.s where did you get your layout?

Emily Rasmussen said...

cute pictures! I think your making everyone jealous! I am glad we get to at least see your little family soon. We love ya!

Tiffani Makely said...

I love blogging. It is so fun to see your cute family. Richard and I really miss your parents. Your dad was a wonderful bishop. We are sad that we have lost contact with your family. It is great to see them now! Thanks for sharing your fun trip!

Gina said...

You make me jealous with all your fun trips. You guys are the cutest family ever.

Pollock Palooza said...

Looks like your fam sticks to the big green huh:) For a minute I thought that was you back in the day! How fun.