Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Big Trip-Part Three- Ammon and Kirstens House

We had so much fun at Ammon and Kirsten's house!!! You guys thanks sooooo much for putting up with us, for helping us have an unforgetable time, feeding us....the list goes on and on....We love spending time with you guys!! I'm glad we had as much time as we did and got to do so many fun things, except there is just so much more to do!! Columbus is such a fun place!!!

Things we Did During Their Visit:
(Ok deep breath....there is a lot to see!!)
COSI ( Center of Science and Industry) There was a Big Machines section out back where there were tons of "Big Machines". The kids got to opporate them, climb on them...they thought it was the coolest thing ever. Especially when you can do it with your cousins!!

Columbus Clippers Baseball Game
What a FUN evening!! After COSI, we went downtown to a Columbus Clippers Game. The rec. center had given us FREE tickets for all the kids, so we just had to pay for the adults. Plus, we got there two hours early, and raced to be one of the ones that got a FREE tee-shirt!! We all managed to get one (even all eight kids) and the kids LOVED it! Look at all the red!! The Larson family and The Bowen family joined us as well. The game was delayed an hour and a half due to a huge thunderstorm that passed through, so we only stayed until the third or fourth inning because by then it was so late. No matter where we are, weather is standing in line for 2 hours in the heat, or getting poured on until we changed seats, or while it was waiting for the rain to stop/slow down for and hour and a half, we had fun. Being together with family is the best!!
Oh I love my sisters!! Kirsten and Whitney hold a special place in my heart!!! It would have been wonderful if ALL of my sisters could have been there, but I loved every minute with these two!!! I love you Kirsten and Whitney!!!!
Isn't LeGrand the Cutest Daddy ever!?!?! I love it!!!
Look at these 2 cute couples!!!
Now that is True Beauty!!! Of course I'm talking about the one of me and Whitney, Just kidding!!
Ballentrae Water Fountains
Wednesday when I came back from EFY to be with the Kiddos and help Kirsten and Whitney we went to these water fountians. We had a blast, the kids couldn't get enough. It felt so good to be with them again. EFY is fun, but I miss my kiddos when I'm gone!!
Girls Night
On Wed night, before I headed back to EFY, Kirsten and Whitney helped me write almost 150 love notes for LeGrand, for our Anniversary the next day!! I'll go into our Anniversary details on my next post...EFY... We had so much fun laughing and being silly together. Some of the notes were funny, some were serious, but we had such a good time just being together while the all 8 of the kids were asleep!! Kirsten and Whitney, Thank you soooo much for helping me pull this off, even if it was a little wierd for you guys to write love notes to LeGrand for me and with me.... That's what sisters do I guess!!!

While LeGrand and I were at EFY Kirsten did so many fun things with the kids.... They went Fishing, Kirsten had heard about this great club that once a year brings 100 free fishing poles on a first come/first serve basis and they decided to try it out. It was fabulous!! The men from this organization were SO helpful with the kids. They each helped out the seven children learn how to fish, cast, bait and were so patient. All the kids got a pole and almost all of them caught one or more fish. Sophie and Brynlee caught 9 between them! So fun! Then, when we got back, we did a family home evening there again, talking about being "Fishers of Men". The kids loved it.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium
Kirsten, Paul and Whitney took the kids to the zoo while LeGrand and I were at EFY!!! It looks like they had fun!! You guys are amazing!!! Thank you so much for watching Brayden, Adelyn and Sophie!!! They loved it!!!

Saying Goodbye to Paul
Paul flew out to Columbus right before he left on his mission so we could all spend time together. We were soooo sad that we couldn't make it back to Vegas in time for his farewell but it was fun spending time with Paul. It's hard to believe that my littlest brother is a missionary!! Paul had just turned 10 when LeGrand and I got married, now he's on his mission!! Crazy!! Paul we love you and pray for you every day!!! We love Brasil and we know you will too!!!

Kirsten's Birthday
I was so excited to be able to be with Kirsten on her birthday!!! We had such a fun day, it started out by going out to Breakfast with some of Kirsten's friends. Emily and I made Kirsten some scrapbook pages about her, with notes from members of our family for her, It was fun giving it to her!!
That night we went over and had dinner with Jon and Jeanette Bowen and their family. They are such neat people, I was glad I got to get to know them, I felt like I already knew them since I've heard so much about them from Kirsten, but I'm glad we became friends too!! Jeanette and he sister Becky made this beautiful quilt for Kirsten. I think they are inspiring me to pick up a new hobbie. These quilts look beautiful!! I love it!!

Major Cousin Bonding Time!
The kids LOVED being together and did so well for TWO WEEKS of being by each other's sides every waking moment. We are lucky to have such good kids who share such a deep friendship.

This is my very favorite picture. Last year we started this tradition and I hope we can keep it up. Every year after July 15 (Brynlee's birthday) and before August 29 (Hailey's birthday-when she and Sophie then turn the same age) these 8 cousins stairstep each other exactly. We noticed this last year and even with the birth of Kolby in December, it still followed suit! While this mass production!!! LOL!! of kids probably won't continue this quickly, it will be fun to see them change each year that we can get together to do this and see how many more cousins join this crew!
B (7), E (6), A (5), B (4), S (3), H (2), K (1), K (6 months)
Isn't that so cool?
Kirsten, I love you so much!! Thank you for being such an Awesome Sister!!!
We had a wonderful time!! Thank Ammon and Kirsten!! You guys are the best!!!


hawkins said...

I loved this post..It is seriously such a wonderful blessing for children to have so many cousins. Chris and I were the first to get married, but weren't able to get pregnant for a few years. By the time we did, 3 of my sibs had married. Us 4 ended up having babies together about every 2 years. I love the pics of the cousins with their buddies their age. It's so special..I'm so glad my girls have cousins like that too. sorry for the rambling...darling post! :)

Unknown said...

I don't know you, but I enjoyed visiting your blog! What amazing pictures. Great to see you hold family home evenings. Way to go!

I'm a huge FHE fan and have an FHE group on the new and safe LDS Ladies Room at if you want to check it out.

I also have a book give-away contest on my blog today!

Bowen Family said...

It was SO much fun to get to know you guys too! We think of you guys as family - just like Kirsten and Ammon. We just wish that you lived here in Columbus too! Thank you for being such great example to us. All of your pictures are wonderful!

..Kris Naven.. said...

Oh my goodness! Wow! You guys had a ton of fun! That's awesome! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful time! Family is the best!

Shaylin said...

You know what's funny? We don't even know eachother and I look forward to reading your blog everytday. You have the cutest family!! Looks like you had a lot of fun on your trip! haha
Tell Bro. Laing hi!

Yasmine said...

Yes, you are officially cheesy. I liked the statue pics a lot, and you'll love them in the scrapbook-- but still a cheese fest. It sounds like you had wonderful adventures but I bet you're glad to be home! Good luck getting rested and ready for school to start. Love ya!

PS-- Whitney may never forgive you for mentioning the wet pants!

The Gage Cage said...

You don't take nearly enough pictures. ;-)

I love looking at all of your adventures! I'm so glad you share them.

kelly said...

I love the stair step picture, we should do one like that on our side too, that's what it's like with all our kids too! Kolby is looking so much like you now Becca, especially in one of the pictures where LeGrand is holding him. It's funny how babies can change like that, looking like one parent and then the other. I got behind in my posting, that's why there were so many. I loved yours, looks like you guys had a great summer.