Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Our Big Trip- Part One

Casa Bonita

Wow, it's better late than never right! After the family reunion our family and Whitney headed East!!! Driving and more driving....our first night we drove to Casa Bonita's in Denver Colorado. We went to this restraunt because when I was 17 our family came here with Grandma and Grandpa Larsen, when we came to visit them on their mission. This place is incredible! I'm glad we found it and it was incredible just like I remembered it!!!

I love our family!!! Whitney we loved having you as a part of our family!!! You are amazing!!! We love you!!

This place is huge!! It can seat over 1000 people. The kids thought it was the coolest place ever. We sat right next to the waterfalls and had fun watching the shows and the cliff divers!
The food was good, but the entertainment was the best! If you are ever in Denver we highly recommend Casa Bonita!!


We had so much fun camping...We stayed is a beautiful campground, it was green and humid. Whitney was a great helper and so were Brayden, Adelyn, Sophie and Kolby was just plain cute. Brayden loved helping start the fire and keep it going!

Whitney is my buddy!! She's such a great Aunt and Sister and Friend!!! I love you Wiggy!!

Adelyn, you were a great helper with Kolby and with everything else!! Thanks sweet heart!

Sophie, what a trooper. You are adorable!! We love you Squeezy!!
LeGrand thinks of Whitney like his little sister. They have such a cute bond!!
During our trip, Kolby was just starting to sit up, but he wasn't the most steady sitter in the world. He looked so cute, laying, squrming, giggling and cooing on the blanket while we got camp set up and dinners cooked. He's so fun!
Ok, this is one of my favorite stories. The second night we sayed in Missouri at our camp ground, after we got the kids to bed, Whitney and I walked up to the bathroom. (I loved our girl time every night. It was the only time that we were just the two of us.) When we were done in the bathroom we walked back to camp and when we were right by the van we heard this huge noise coming from the bushes. Ok, it's dark and right behing our camp was a forest, there was nothing but trees out there. So when we heard this noise, I almost screamed...then we heard it agian and I did scream (not big, but a scream none the less) and Whitney fell over with fright and wet her pants...come to find out it wasn't a bear like it sounded... but we did have 2 Raccoons in our camp, getting into our coolers, eating all of our food, tearing apart the garbage bag that was hanging up on a huge pole. These Raccoons weren't scared of us in the least we ran and woke up LeGrand and he went and put the food away after he ran after them to scare them away... after we got the camera's out and were in the safty of our tent, we actually had alot of fun watching these 2 Raccoons fight over what was left in our bag of breakfast cereal!! We woke Brayden up and it was a party!! We have had fun imitating our Raccoon friends on many occasions.
Independence Missouri Visitor Center

Isn't this such a sweet picture!!!! I love it!! Keep looking up to Christ, Sophie, we love you!!

Liberty Jail
Liberty Jail was an amazing experience. I'm so grateful that we were able come and see amazing places and feel the spirit of sacred places. I'm grateful for Joseph Smith and all of the men and women who stood beside him, during good times and bad ones. It's unfathomable to think of the conditions that these wonderful men lived in during the winter months when they were imprisioned in Liberty Jail. It's inspiring to me to think of their attitudes during their trials and the revelations that were recieved here. This place is amazing. I'm so grateful that we were able to come here as a family!!

Far West Missouri

If you want to go to a place where you can feel peace and love you have to go to Adam-ondi-Ahman. This is a beautiful, peaceful and amazing place.

Aren't we beautiful?!?!
Ok, That's a little better! ;)

I love my family!! Aren't they cute!!


Em said...

wow. what a fab trip. looks like you guys had a great time. i'd love to go to all those places. have you ever been to nauvoo?

Kirsten said...

This was so neat to see all the things you got to do before coming to our house. I can't wait to go to Adam-ondi-Ahman. It looks beautiful. I am grateful we still live in Ohio because there is still so much that I want to see. The Visitors Center looked super fun too, with lots of things for the kids to do. That picture of Sophie was really neat. I am glad you guys took the time to do this wonderful trip. What a great experience. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see pics of Nauvoo. Hint, hint!! Luv ya guys!

P.S. When I ever get to the Post Office I have three silver flip flops, a baseball cap, a burp cloth and....something else to send you. I'll have to remember what though....

Tara said...

So fun to hear about your trip. I am jealous you got to see all of those wonderful places as a family. allen and I did the trip before we had kids....which has its advantages.....especially with all of the driving!!! But how fun to share it together!!

The Gage Cage said...

The picture of Sophie looking up at Jesus is the BEST! Looks like you had a great time and some little adventures mixed in with your trip. I sooo want to take a family history trip with my family too.

The Gage Cage said...

Don't tell this to my Dad....but I'd take a family history trip over Hawaii any day. Hawaii was AWESOME but Womens Conference was no less of an experience. We are so lucky to be members of the restored gospel.

Emily Rasmussen said...

What a great family adventure. Way to be adventurous!