Tuesday, September 25, 2012


For our 13th Anniversary LeGrand and I went to see WICKED!!!!  It was amazing!!  LeGrand bought the tickets thinking that it was a little risky because it was about 2 1-2 weeks before I was due to have Brielle. When Brielle came 3 weeks early we really didn't know what to do.  We wanted to go, but can you leave a 4 day old baby to go to a musical?!?!  Well, we decided to go. Thanks to Helga for watching all 5 of our kiddos we had a blast.  The play was Fabulous and the company was even better!!  I'm so blessed to be married to this amazing man!!  He is one of my biggest blessings and I thank God every day for him!!  These past 13 years have been incredible!!  13 down and eternity to go!!  I love you honey!!  

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