Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bringing Brielle home!!!

By Sunday July 15th it felt like I'd been in the hospital forever....That morning Brielle and I were discharged and anxious to be home!!!  We got home before the rest of the family went to church.  The Frampton's helped get the kiddos ready until Grandma and Whitney got there!  Brielle got to play with Grandma and Whitney while I slept, which was heavenly!  I swear it's impossible to sleep in the hospital, with the nurses coming in all the time, the lights and sounds...It felt good to sleep in my own bed! 

I love bringing a baby home from the hospital.  It's such a sweet time for LeGrand and I!!!  Getting Brielle all dressed and leaving the hospital makes it all sink in that she is really ours, that she will be in our family forever!!  I'm so grateful I'm her mom.  I can't imagine life without her and she has only been in our family for such a short time.

I LOVE seeing LeGrand holding Brielle!!  He's so big and strong and she's so little and content to be held, protected and loved by her Daddy!!  She's seriously a lucky girl to have such an amazing Daddy!!  

Oh I could just eat her up!!  

The kids were sooooooo excited to have their baby sister home finally!!!  As soon as we drove up they were out the door running for the van!  It was a welcomed sight for me!  I love these 5 kids more than words can say!  

Brielle we LOVE you!!!  


Kirsten said...

I seriously LOVE that you are blogging again. It is such a treasure to see more pictures of your kiddos and of Brielle. I can't wait to meet her. She reminds me so much of Sophie, I can't believe it!!! Thank you for taking the time to put posts up...I love it!!!

Sharon said...

She is a beautiful addition to your cute family! Congratulations!