Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baby Shower

3 of my amazing friends; Kathryn Stitt, Emily Olsen and Lona Marie Cook threw me a baby shower!  It was soooo nice since we had gotten rid of all of our baby things. It had also been almost 7 1/2 years since we have had a baby girl.  Addy and Sophie were so excited to go with me and they opened all the presents.  It was so fun to be surrounded by so many good friends and family!!  Thank you to everyone who came!  Thank you for throwing it for us!  We got some seriously cute stuff!!  I'm excited to be able to put these cute girly things on our little Brielle!  

Gotta love that huge tummy!!  That's probably the most unflattering picture ever.... 
It's so fun that Liz lives close!  I love her! 


Unknown said...

Awww... Looks like fun! I miss all of my old friends. It stinks being sick and stuck at home all the time :0( Congratulations Becca!

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