Monday, October 24, 2011

Trafalga with Ras's- Fall Break in Vegas

Laser Tag with the Ras's!!  Sooooo fun!!  We love Trafalga! 

During Fall Break I took the kiddos down to Las Vegas to visit Grandma and Grandpa and Whitney.  LeGrand had a scout campout and couldn't come which we were all bummed about, but we decided to go anyways.

Funny story- As we were driving to Vegas passing Yuba Lake, Adelyn told me that she was car sick and about to throw up.  We were driving in construction and couldn't pull over.  I couldn't find a bag safely so I told Adelyn to stick her head out of the window if she really had to throw up.  Well she did but forgot to take her glasses off first so the next thing we new instead of Adelyn throwing up was her scream, "Oh NO, my Glasses!!"  I realized what happen and looked in the rear view mirror just in time to see her glasses tumble out of sight on the side of the road.  So if you are ever driving past Yuba Lake in Utah and need a cute pair of glasses maybe you'll get lucky.  It was sad when it happened, but we laugh about it now!!  We'll never forget this trip.

Since we didn't have a huge deadline to get to Vegas quickly, we decided to stop and see the St. George Temple.  I loved seeing our kids at the Temple.  It brought back tons of memories from my childhood stopping here for a break when we were driving from California to Utah to visit family.  I remember counting the steps and we climbed them and touching the Temple doors.  I always felt so good here.  It was fun to see our children having similar experiences.  I love being on Temple Grounds!  Soooooo beautiful!!!

Being in Vegas, visiting with Grandma and Grandpa and Whitney and Great Grandma Ras is such a treat!!  We love being at Grandma's house!! 

Whitney had homecoming while we were there... Mom did her dress and it was beautiful, we did her hair and she looked amazing... the only problem was that afternoon we got a phone call from her dates mom and found out that Whitney's date was in the hospital.  They weren't sure what was wrong, but he was bleeding internally.  Thank goodness he's ok, and they were able to go to another dance later on in the year.. but it made an unforgettable day.  It's a good thing that Whitney is such a good sport!! Love you Wiggy!!

We took pictures, then she changed out of her dress and went to visit her date in the hospital.  She's such a good girl!! Love you Wiggy! 

Thanks for such a Great time Mom and Dad!! We love you guys!! 

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