Tuesday, July 19, 2011

EFY 2011

This year we were able to do EFY at BYU!  It was so much fun.  The highlight of the year was that Whitney was in our Session!!!!  It was so much fun to have her there!  She's one of our all time favorite people!! 

One of the other things to remember about this Session was that I broke my rib the week before, as the week went on my rib got more and more sore.. bummer... the dances weren't quite a fun for us, my song didn't go as good as I'd have liked and I couldn't play in the ultimate frisbee game....bummer...next time;)
The kids were able to come and drop Whitney off and give us squeezes too!! So fun!! I miss these kids when we're at EFY.  Thanks Mom for always watching them so LeGrand and I can have these experiences together!! You're the best!! 

The Ultimate Frisbee game... Counselors vs Participants

Since I couldn't play I decided to be the photographer!!! Love it! 

Pizza night, this was with Whitney's group!!  Sooo fun! 

EFY is such a good experience and we are grateful for the opportunity to be involved with it.  Yes when we get back to our kiddos we are completely exhausted but it's so worth it!!! LeGrand did an amazing job like always.  I love being able to listen to him speak and teach every day.  I love being with him all the time for a week, we love being with the Youth and the Young Single Adults they truly are amazing!!!  We love being surrounded by so many amazing people!  We how the Spirit abides at EFY so strongly!!! I hope all of us can take it home and continue doing the things daily in our lives so that we can be eternally happy.  I know that God lives and Love me!! 

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