Friday, February 18, 2011

Sledding with Liz and Nathan

We love going sledding. This was the first of may sledding trips that we will have with Liz and Nathan. It was a warm day, the snow was melting and slushy, we got wet, but of course had a blast!

Kolby and Daddy!! What handsome guys!! Kolby LOVED riding down with daddy!

I love this girl!!

Talk about a manly sandwich! Love this picture!

And they're off....

They keep going.....

and going.....

That was a record... all the way out in the street.... really safe I know!

Liz and Adelyn.... Such cute friends.... We're lucky to have Liz and Nathan as our kids Aunt and Uncle!!

Sophs the Squeeze and Kolbs Buddy!!

Addy loves sledding....what a dare devil...

Sophie is getting so much braver! Isn't she a doll?!?!

Ok, These Pictures make me laugh out loud. I love Liz on so many levels...She is always happy and thinking of others. She's always ready for a good time too... it's evident. Love you sis!!

Brayden was unstopable! He loved it!

The Gang!!


Jaime said...

Looks like you had a blast. It looks seriously so cold though! I can't go sledding without feeling like some body part is going to freeze off. Maybe I don't know how to do it right.

Lizz Andersen said...

That was so totally fun! The snow was all melty and slushy which got us all pretty wet but we enjoyed every minute of it! We love spending time with the Laings! We always have a good time and laugh lots!

I love the picture of the man sandwich...My Husband looks so hot! Woot, woot! and also the one with the same boys up on the ridge! Its just such a cool picture!

Good Job Becca on this blog! Good times!!