Thursday, March 11, 2010

Valentines Day

Since Valentines Day was on a Sunday this year, we celebrated it on Saturday with LeGrand taking me out to eat. We went to a really yummy restaurant with some really good friends. It was a fun night. I'm so grateful that I'm married to LeGrand!!!
Cari, Candace and Me.
Cari and Armando
Candace and Brandon
I'm glad we celebrated on Saturday, because with LeGrand being the Bishop, he was gone literally all day...It's OK, It was expected, but I'm still glad we had some time together. Sunday the kids and I had a lot of fun doing Valentines day stuff. Thanks to Kirsten for the idea, Addy and Sophie had hearts in their hair for church. They LOVED it.
The kids spent all day decorating our house...I know I'm slow and we actually did most of the decorations on Valentine Day...but they had fun so I guess that's what counts...They spent hour cutting up hearts on cute paper and putting them all over the house, on the windows, walls, doors. They did a cute job and our home looked very loved after they were done!
We also had Spaghetti by Candlelight....the kids were excited to surprise Dad with this Valentines Day treat. They were so cute about it all. Valentines Day is always fun!!

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