Saturday, January 9, 2010

Holiday Happenings

Be prepared...this is one loaded post... I decided to just combine all of our Holiday Happening into one gigantic post....
"Icabod the Elf"
After we got Christmas set up the kids were thrilled to find that our dear friend "Icabod the Elf" had returned again. Every day Icabod was in a different spot, and so the first thing the kids did every morning was run down and find Icabod. Sometimes he has had to find, sometime a little easier and sometimes he brought the kids surprises. This has been such a fun thing for our family.

Temple Square
It was beautiful and FREEZING when we went to Temple Square. This is one of my favorite Christmas time traditions....the Temple is beautiful, the Nativity is wonderful, the Christus is Inspiring and the lights are breathe-taking!! What a wonderful night!!

Sitting on Santa's lap and the Train Ride

The kids were really excited to go and see Santa and sit on his lap...

well, everyone one was fine, till we actually tried to get Kolby to sit on Santa's lap...

The train ride, after sitting on Santa's lap is such a highlight. The kids seriously love it.
Gingerbread House Making
This year, Icabod our Elf, brought us a gingerbread house kit. The kids were really excited to put it together. What a fun tradition.

Christmas Outfits from Grandma
My mom did it again. She sent some beautiful Church outfits for the kids... Aren't they adorable?!?! The outfits are too!

Christmas Eve with the Williams

We love being with the Williams Family. We feel right at home and we love all these guys so much, always have, always will!! Beth, Joel, Megan, Maggie and Cam. Some of my favorite people ever.

Meridee and Lind. Thanks for having us in your home. You're the perfect hostess's. We love you guys!!

It wouldn't be a party without Grandma and Grandpa Ras. These two are such a good example to me. I've always loved them dearly, but helping them and spending so much time with them lately; I've grown to love and cherish them even more. We love you guys!!
LeGrand knows how to make everything fun. I'm one lucky girl.
Brayden was excited that he was able to help with the puppet Nativity Program. Boy was it a good show!!!
Aunt Meridee reading Christmas stories to all the kiddos.

Acting out the Nativity
This was the first Christmas that we were home and just had our family together...OK besides the year that Kolby was born early Christmas morning, but year was so different it almost doesn't count. Our Nativity was small and quick this year, but we still had a blast. I love this tradition. It really helps the kids focus on the true meaning of Christmas.
Mary and Joseph
Shepherd/wise Man/Inn Keeper
The Angel
I sure do have a beautiful family!!!

Making our Signs and getting stocking readyCan't you just sense the excitement?

Christmas Morning
At 5:00 am Brayden came running in to wake me up. It wasn't the usual excitement that I heard, it was a sheer panic. "Mom, come quick!! Adelyn fell off the top bunk and landed on Sophie. The kids had all wanted to sleep together in the same room and it worked out fine till this... I ran in the room, both girls were on the floor crying. Luckily no one was really hurt....but now they were all wide awake and excited. I told them we had to go back to bed cause it was too early. We had to make sure that Santa had already come. I layed down with them to try to get them to fall asleep we were laying there we heard the ringing of bells, Santa's foot steps and some rustleing around down stairs. The kids were thrilled that they heard SANTA. We waited in the room for a few more minutes, then they couldn't contain themselfs any longer so we all ran in and jumped on daddy to wake him up and tell him what we heard. The kids thought that it was AMAZING. So fun!! Well we make them stay in our room for a while, and we read the Christmas story again.... I bet you can tell that they were listening really well....
We had everyone line up and do a countdown..... When they came downstairs this is what they found!!! Yup, it looks like Santa's sleigh tipped over in our Family Room!!!
I love this picture. So much love and excitement. I love Christmas!!!
Don't you love our matching PJ's. Grandma Ras made some for everyone in our whole family this year....all the siblings, spouses and grandkids. It was alot of work, but we sure do love them. Thanks Mom!!!
The kids got castles with princesses and knights.....They LOVED these. Seriously they wanted to play and play with them. It was a huge hit....I'd highly recommend these.
Another of the kids favorites was the Wii that Nana and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa got them. We've had tons of fun playing together as a family so far. Thank you so much, We love you guys!!
This Christmas was different than any others... It was just our family and it was so relaxing and layed back. I loved it, loved every part of it. I'm grateful that we had some time just to sit and relax and be together. It was a wonderful Christmas!!!!


Kirsten said...

This was such a fun post. Becca it's no wonder you are one of my best buddies cuz your family is identical to mine!!!! Seriously, I have almost this exact post planned in three days. LOL! The elf, Santa, gingerbread houses, the pajamas, evertyhing! That's awesome!

I am so glad you had time to enjoy Christmas as a family and being together and making your own traditions. The kids are growing up so much and so fast and Ethan just walked in the room and said, "Holy Cow Kolby is soo grown up now". When your kids notice it's time to see each other again!! Merry Chrsitmas! Luv ya tons!

haley said...

I'm glad you guys had a great holiday. We had the elf tradition when I was growing up. Where did you get him? I miss seeing the SLC sights more often!

Becca said...

We got the elf from I hope that helps..

Brooke Hill said...

Becca I love your cute little family. It looks like you guys had a very eventful month!! I need to come and visit before I get married! I miss you guys!

The Smith Family said...

What fun times Becca! Your family is so cute, it was fun hearing of your Christmas traditions.

kelly said...

Yep, looks pretty familiar! I love the castle, are there two? Do they come with furniture too? Where are they from? Also, did you get our Christmas presents, do they fit?...sorry about all the questions! Call me!

Jaime said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! I love your elf idea. How fun for the kids. I also love your temple pictures. I wish we were closer and could go there. I can't believe how big Kolby is getting!

Yasmine said...

No wonder it took you a while to post an update-- it must have taken you awhile to recover! Kids don't realize that their PERFECT CHRISTMAS happens because of their moms and dads. Nicely done!

Jed and Chelsea said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun, and you took so many fun pictures. I love that little elf, and how he writes letters to the kids. Like Kirsten's elves that play pranks on her kids. I honestly wish Jed would pretend to be an elf for me! I think it's so cute! Anyway, glad you guys are doing well. :)