Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday fun (x2)

The week of Christmas is always crazy for everyone....but especially for us. This is because we have LeGrand's birthday, Kolby's Birthday and Christmas within 3 days of each other. This year since Kolby's birthday is actually on Christmas Day we decided that we would try something different. We celebrated Kolby's and LeGrand's birthday on the same day. Here are some of the festivities of the celebration.
At 6:30 am there was a knock on the door. Some of LeGrand's friends came to surprise him and they all went out to breakfast together before everyone had to go to work. Brandon Carter, Drew Douglas, LeGrand, Ric Hartman, Nathan Stitt and Tyler Weston. These are such a good group of guys. I'm grateful that LeGrand has so many good friends. All of these couples are amazing, I seriously love their wifes too.
This was the first year ever that LeGrand has had to go to work on his birthday. I couldn't believe that school didn't get out this year for Christmas Break till December 22nd. Crazy. We went and had lunch with LeGrand, but I forgot the camera. All the guys at work made it a special day too.
Sophie and Addy woke up early, excited for the big birthday day!!
Bryan, Helga and Makyla came and spent the night with us too. They wanted to be here for the celebrations. It's always fun when they come!! Thanks guys!!
Here's our Big 2 Year old!! Happy Birthday Kolby!!! We sure do love you!!! We all love Bryan and Helga!! Thanks for being such a good Aunt and Uncle to our kiddos!
I love these pictures of LeGrand and Bryan Playing the Wii. So fun!!
Here's the birthday cake. I kindof feel bad, like they got jipped out of a cute cake, I usually try to make a cute on, but this is what we got this year. Kolby loved all the Sprinkles on it.
Jumping Jacks
For the Birthday's we all went to Jumping Jacks. The kids were in heaven!!! Seriously, every day since then Kolby has said, "I want to go to Jumping Jacks!!" I know I went camera happy, but it was hard not to. Happy Birthday Boys!!! It's amazing to think that my baby boy is already 2. I guess he has to be my little man now!

What a fun Birthday!! We love you Daddy and Kolby!!!


kelly said...

How fun. I like the idea of celebrating together and the cake is cute! I really can't believe that the "babies" are 2 already!

Andrea S said...

I happened upon your blog while looking for Fancy Nancy party ideas and saw the post from your daughter's party last year. I love all you party ideas and plan to use a bunch of them. I know you've had a lot of requests for this but can you tell me how the invites were done?
Thanks for sharing your ideas,

Kirsten said...

Oh I love it when you update!!!!!! I miss this sweet family of yours. I still can't get over the fact that Kobly is two. The pictures are darling and I wish we could have been there to celebrate your birthday boys!! It looks like you had a super fun time!!! Luv ya lots!!

Jaime said...

So Rebecca, isn't Legrand Bishop? Did you have any say in the nursery calling? I've been in nursery a couple times since Fresno. It's fun and rewarding although tiring too. I guess you're in there with Kolby. How do you like that? I was in nursery with Jacen and Gavin. Nice but hard too.

Yasmine said...

Whoa, what a birthday! And don't feel bad about the cake. That's what ALL my birthday cakes look like! Men and 2 year olds don't care what it looks like anyway!