Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Celebrations, the more the Better!!

Fathers Day 2009

Fathers Day and Adelyn's Birthday were on the same day this year! Fun! Poor LeGrand, he always gets such exciting gifts... white shirts are something he can count on for everything!! LeGrand is such an amazing husband and father! We are blessed to have him at the head of our home!!!

We ran over to wish Great Grandpa Ras a Happy Fathers day since he is the only Grandparent close...and because we love him so much! The kiddos made LeGrand and Grandpa a tie. It was cute. Grandpa is a great man!!!

Grandpa always gives the kiddos a vanilla ice cream cone when we visit.

Happy 6th birthday Adelyn!!

Can Adelyn already be 6?!?!She's such a beautiful girl, Inside and Out!!

The Tinkerbell Cake

Happy 8th birthday Brayden!!!

We were in Las Vegas (on our way to Majic Mountian) and were able to celebrate Brayden and Addy's birthday there! It was fun!!!

I love his reaction to opening up his scout shirt!! Priceless!!

Kolby was excited to dress up in Brayden's scout uniform. Too Cute!!

Now if you haven't ever played with the mirror at Grandma and Grandpas house... you are missing out! It's always a fun thing to do.. This was the first time Kolby really got into it.

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