Saturday, January 10, 2009

Who said we dropped off the face of the Earth?

OK, I know it's been forever since I've updated our blog... we are alive and well... loving life and enjoying our Christmas Break. I'll post updates as soon as I can get them done. We have had quite the break.. I'll do the updates that all happened before Christmas... Enjoy!!

Gingerbread Houses
Every year we make Gingerbread Houses...and we have finally resorted to getting the kits vs. the graham crackers, homemade frosting.... We love the kits...OK I especially love these kits... The kids LOVE it and it's not a huge production for Mom. So we are all happy!! Ya!!
I swear there are only a few pictures that I take where nobody is pulling a funny face...You'll see for yourself...

Yeah it's all done... Well sort of... at least it was all done until it fell apart....

The LeGrand and Brayden love being dramatic...I think Adelyn was just glad that she could sneak another taste while everyone else was distracted. Sophie as you can see was not acting this out. What a disappointment for this sweet little 3 year old.

Well it didn't say in pieces for long...the kids actually thought it was cool cause they got to put it together twice...Lucky!

When it was all said and done it wasn't the most beautiful gingerbread house we've ever done, but we had fun and that's what counts!

Adelyn's Kindergarten Christmas Program

Our precious Adelyn was soooo excited about her Kindergarten Christmas Program! Everyday she would come home from school and teach me the new songs she was learning, tell me her part, and even tell me exactly were she was standing during the program. Then finally the long awaited day came. Adelyn was so excited!! We went to both of her performances and she did awesome!! Everyone else had a partner to say their part with, but Adelyn's partner was too she did it all by herself. She said her part perfectly, loud, clear and confidant. For those of you that know our sweet Adelyn this was quite an accomplishment! She is overcoming her shyness! Hurray!! Adelyn we are so proud of you!! Good job sweetheart!!

We Love you Adelyn!!! Good Job!!

LeGrand's Birthday

LeGrand turned 31 on December 22nd. I wanted to do something fun for him that I've never done before. What is something that LeGrand loves to do and gets soooo excited he can't sleep....well FOOTBALL...of course...
With the help of Dave Wetzel and Brandon Carter we surprised LeGrand with a football game in the snow. Man it was worth it all when LeGrand pulled around the corner to help "Jump" Brandon's car =) and realized what was waiting for him!! I didn't get as many pictures as I would like (you'll see why I couldn't stay the whole time in the next section of this post), this group shot is missing some guys, but from left to right here are some of LeGrand's buddies who came to celebrate with him!! Kevin Cook, Tucker Boyle, LeGrand, Dan Olsen, Dave Smith, Josh Martinez, Brandon Carter and Ben Jepsen. Dave Wetzel got there later, and Randy Clegg had to leave earlier...but we still had a blast!! Thanks guys for helping me make LeGrand's birthday amazing even though it was freezing and a really busy time of the year!! After the game everyone enjoyed donuts and hot chocolate...yummy!!!

On LeGrand's actual birthday we were so lucky to have Mom and Dad Ras and Whitney here with us!! We love you guys!! Thanks for coming and spending time with us! We had such a fun day!! It was a fun day, filled with family time, sledding, games and of course a football birthday cake!! Fun times!
What a cute daddy!! We love you honey!!
Yeah It's not really fancy, but LeGrand liked it and it was yummy so everyone was happy!

Ok, this was LeGrand opening up his presents... the two biggest ones on the table were actually Brayden and Adelyn...they wanted to wrap themselves up and give themselves to Daddy for his birthday! It was all their idea....soooo cute!!
What cute kiddos!!!
LeGrand we love you so much!! You are the best husband and father that anyone could ask for!!! Thank you for all you do!!! Happy late Birthday!!

Kolby's Broken Wrist

Ok, so SAD SAD story!!! On Friday December 19th; something sad happened. Adelyn is such a big helper and she if very capable with Kolby. But first thing in the morning before I even knew Kolby or Adelyn were awake, I heard a big thud then Kolby started screaming. Adelyn ran to me crying and she told me that she was trying to help Kolby get out of his crib and she accidentally dropped him. I ran in to get him and he was just laying on his back beside his crib screaming.... Adelyn was balling, Kolby was screaming, all I could do was sit on the floor and try to comfort both of my kiddos and try not to cry myself. Adelyn said he hit his head and so I was worried about a con cushion. He was so sad all day. I thought he had a headache so I gave him Tylenol twice, but it was a busy day, I had to help with Brayden and Adelyn's Class Christmas parties at school, so we were on the go all day, he was either in the stroller or in my arms and he was happy in both. It wasn't till that night when we had some babysitters over and we were about to leave to go to the temple, I was worried about Kolby cause when I put him down he just cried, which isn't like him at all...anyways I changed his diaper and started putting is pajamas on him since it was 7:30 and he was going to go to bed in 15 minutes...but when I picked up his hand to slide it through his sleeper he flinched big and started crying. Man I knew he wasn't feeling good all day, but I didn't know he hurt his wrist. Yeah I guess I get the worst mom in the world award.... I was worried about him, but he slept all night, but in the morning he wouldn't use it at all. I called my brother Doctor Rasmussen ;) who told me to go and get his wrist looked at. This was the morning that I had planned LeGrand's surprise birthday snow football game...hence I couldn't stay very long to take pictures cause I was at our Dr's Office getting X-ray's of Kolby's wrist. The X-rays confirmed that Kolby had a buckle fracture in his left wrist.....Soooo Sad!!!! They put a splint on it for 4 days then on Tuesday December 23rd we took him back in for more X-rays and to get a cute little Red Cast put on his arm...just in time for his 1st Birthday and Christmas...
Even though it's so sad to have your baby get hurt, the cast was pretty cute!! It didn't take him long to realize that he could crawl and it wouldn't hurt, except he realized that it was easier to walk and so he totally took off. He's an official walker now. He also realized that he could hit his high chair or Brayden's head and it would make a loud sound and he thought it was fun to do. I was surprised how much a cast doesn't slow down a baby. Trying to keep it clean was a full time job, we covered his cast with a sock every time he ate, put bags over it to bathe him but after he splashed in the toilet with it(even though it was clean water) and threw up on it twice(he got the stomach flu again), we were lysoling it, scrubbing it with an old toothbrush and soap and it kind of lost it's cuteness for was actually a stinky pain... Poor kid!!! Three weeks is a long time!!

Temple Square

We went up to see the lights at Temple Square on Joseph Smith's Birthday (December 23rd) and we were able to see the Joseph Smith movie too!!! It was sooo awesome, a neat experience to be there watching it on his Birthday!! Whitney was sick at our house, so my mom stayed to take care of her and kept Kolby too so that it would be easier for us and we could enjoy the movie! Thanks so much mom!! It was amazing...but I guess it always is, we were at Temple Square seeing all the Christmas lights.... we had such a great time with my dad!! We love you Dad/Grandpa!!! *Oh a cute story...when we were standing outside looking and listening to the Nativity Narration a big light was behind the Manger... shining down on baby Jesus. Sophie was in my arms and she got all excited and said, "Mommy is Jesus coming down right now?" It looked like there was a pillar of light coming down from heaven. It was so cute and sweet. Oh I love our family!!


Jarom said...

Becca, I'm sorry that Kolby got hurt! Sounds like Adelyn is just as big a helper as our Hailey! Nice to have, most of the time! I had to laugh when you wrote that Kolby likes nailing Brayden with his cast! Too funny! Anyway, I hope Kolby heals quickly! By the way, your family is just beautiful!

Yasmine said...

Poor Kolby. I bet Adelyn felt awful.
Wow-- you guys have been busy! Happy Birthday LeGrand! I love his face when the gingerbread house fell apart. We had a relief society lesson a few weeks ago about learning to laugh things like that off instead of getting upset. Looks like you guys already have that down!

Janelle Ehat said...

Poor little Kolby! What a trooper to last all day long without a doctor visit! Those pictures of him are adorable. I LOVE the pictures of Adelyn and the kids after her performance! What a precious picture! So fun! I'm glad you guys are feeling better and had a good Christmas!

Bowen Family said...

Oh Becca - you've been busy! You always handle the craziness of life like a champ!! I think the little red cast is cute too! Happy belated Birthday to LeGrand!

I hope January has brought better days! I'm beginning to wonder if I should just skip 2009! Kirsten and I are beginning to wonder! (I'll blog about it soon).

Kirsten said...

Yeah you are back!! (We finally are too!!) You had a busy month and this isn't even half of it!
:-) Happy late Birthday LeGrand!!!Becca-that was such a sweet birthday idea...I bet he loved it. You are such a thoughtful wife and mom. I am glad Kolby's accident is behind you now, and even though the cast was adorable, I know what casts are like and it is NOT easy!! Yeah for it being over!!!! I can't wait to see all your Christmas pics. You and I have have to talk soon....I have so much to tell you about Photoshop!!! I love you tons!!!

Pollock Palooza said...

That is hysterical! I love the kids wrapped up, ha!

Brooke Hill said...

Becca glad to see that all is well for the most part at ur house. That is so sad about Kolby, but I am glad it was not any worse! We are going to try and visit soon. Love ya

kelly said...

That was quite a post! When are we going to set up an account to share pics???

Robbe said...

What's up LeGrand? It's Robbe Lehmann from our wonderful time in Provo and Fortaleza! I thought I'd look you up and you were easier to find than expected. Write me back at BTW, how did BYU do in football this year?