Saturday, November 22, 2008

How many people can you fit in one house, and still Love each other when the visit is over?

Yeah, you can say we had a house full...and it was sooo much fun!! We were so excited when we heard that Chelsea was getting married in Utah so that we could get to see Ammon and Kirsten and their family, then we were even more excited to find out that Mom and Dad,Whitney and
Sammy, Stew and Emily, Bridger and Angeli were all going to be able to come and visit too!!! We had so much fun, but it's always fun when we are together!! We started out running with Halloween which was a blast...(See our Halloween Football Theme Post)

Playing at the Park
It's one of our favorite things to do as a family, Dad, LeGrand and Ammon had a blast playing football. The kiddos had fun just being with cousins, playing on the playground and riding bikes at the skate park, having a pizza party, and then we finished off our outing with some fun games of Volley-ten-soc-pong-ball!!!! If you don't know how to play this game you are missing out!! Ok, hardly any of you would know how to play it since our family made it up years ago...but you play it with one of those BIG tennis balls, on a tennis court, and it's a mixture of Volleyball, Tennis, Soccer, Ping Pong...(hence the name) It's a blast....Mom was soooo cute, she took all the kids and played with them so Kirsten and I could play too... Thanks mom, you are always soooo thoughtful!!!
Mom, Dad, Whitney and Sammy had to leave to go back home right after church on Sunday...sad...but at least we had a ton of fun together and got some cute pictures before they left!!
We drove up to Salt Lake for Chelsea's wedding reception...It was Beautiful!!! It was held in the Joseph Smith Memorial building and the walls were windows and we were overlooking the Salt Lake Temple!! You can't go wrong when that's your back drop!! OK, fun we were walking in to the reception we saw Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.... how cool is that, Kirsten you were very sweet to pull out your camera and get a few pictures...
The Trolley
We were so excited to take Ammon and Kirsten to one of our favorite places to go out and eat!!! "The Trolley". This seriously is such a fun place to go to, and the food is sooooo yummy!!! This is the only place that LeGrand orders a salad....the "Art City Special" is the salad below. SOOOOOOOOOO Good!!! Ummmm just looking at this picture makes my mouth water!!! We probably had too much fun but that's ok, right?!?!
"Timeless Treasures"
When Stew and Emily got here it was a blast too!!! Emily didn't want to ruin our cute Christmas present that they are giving to our family, but it would have been kind of hard to hide! Emily has a business "Timeless Treasures" and she is amazing at making things like this...I'm so excited...She is going to make us one for Christmas with 4 plates connected with Brayden, Adelyn, Sophie and Kolby's hand prints on it!!! Emily, Thank you for sharing your talents with us!! You make it look soooo easy!!! This will really be a Timeless Treasure for us!! The kiddos had fun watching and getting their impression's done!! You should check out her website Thanks again sooo much Emily!!! It was fun to see you creating incredible masterpieces!!

Cousin's Pajama Party

All the kiddos got along together soooo well, it was fun to just watch them have fun together, even if it meant messes and stepping over cute kiddos while you are trying to make breakfast!!

The Girls(all but Karli and Angeli)

The Boys(Except Kolby)

Grandma Larsen

We were able to have some really fun visits with Grandma while everyone was here! Grandma Thank you for welcoming all of us into your home and feeding us and watching the BYU Football games with us!!! You are the best!!! Here are some fun pictures we took...What a good sport Grandma...especially for our silly picture!!!

The Ohio Rasmussen Crew with Grandma

The Lovely Laing Crew with Grandma

The Sparks Rasmussen Crew with Grandma

Grandma and her 3 favorite Grandchildren...Just kidding!!;)

All I can say is that we make 3 dang cute Couples!!! Too Cute!!!

The Williams Crew

We couldn't have a trip here in Utah and not get together with the Williams Crew!!! Meridee and Lind opened up their home to all of was fun and crazy...check it out!!!

I was shocked when our crazy idea to get a picture of all the cousins actually turned out pretty good....can you believe all these kiddos?!?! I guess we are doing our share of multiplying and replenishing the earth, huh!! Yup 17 kid and Brayden (7) is the oldest!!! Crazy!!!!

Now here's a picture of the Big Cousins!! Ohhh I love these guys!!

We had soooo much fun with you all here!! We miss you like crazy and want you to come back soon!!;) We'll have to talk another sibling into getting married soon so that we can play!!! We love you guys so much. Thanks for staying with us and for the fun times!!! We love you all....


Carrie said...

Does that picture in the restaurant have Elder Holland in it?

Becca said...

Yeah, how cool is that?!? It was fun to have the kids shake his hand.

Emily Rasmussen said...

You blogged the entire week so cutely! We had such a good time with you guys. I cant wait until we can be in Utah again. And I heard you have strep! :( SO sorry!!! I hope you get feeling better soon! love you guys!