Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cub Scouts- Bobcat-Bear!!!

Brayden has loved his years in scouting!! From the time he was a new Cub Scout.....
Brayden earning his Bobcat!!!

Cub Scout Day Camp!!
Getting his First Pocket Knife!!!
Earning his Wolf
Brayden Getting his Bear

The Rain Gutter Rigata!!!

Hiking the "Y" in the rain storm with his troop and Dad!

He needs two belts to fit all the belt loops he's earned now!!!!
It's fun to watch Brayden grow and mature. He loves scouting and learning things!!! I'm grateful for the Cub Scout and Boy Scout Programs and for all the good they do for our boys and young men!!! I can see him growing and developing into a stronger boy!!!!

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