Monday, June 8, 2009

Adelyn's end of the year Activities *Kindergarten Graduation*

It's hard to believe that Adelyn will be going into 1st grade now!!! Wow, time sure does fly. If anyone was ready for 1st grade it would defiantly be Adelyn. She is so grown up, smart and ready to learn. She loves it!!

The Farm

Toward the end of the year LeGrand got to go on a field trip with Adelyn. They had so much fun. This was the first time it worked out with LeGrand's schedule that he could go on a field trip. They had a wonderful time. I'm so grateful that LeGrand is such a good husband and father. That he was excited to go with a bunch of kindergartners to the Farm. He even took pictures for me.... Thanks Honey!!

Kindergarten Graduation

Ok, Seriously Kindergarten Graduation is my favorite. I love these little cap and gowns that they get to wear, I love the songs they sing, I love everything about it. It's hard to believe that my little Addy is on her way to 1st grade!! Adelyn, We are so proud of you and your accomplishments. It was so fun to see you grow and develop and learn. Everyone wants to be your friend, you are a natural leader. We love you so much!!
Adelyn and Nana D, her Grandma helper. Thanks Nana D for all you did every day for Adelyn.
Mrs. Arroyo is our favorite Kindergarten teacher ever...ok, she's the only one we've had, since Brayden had her too. But we love you!!! Thanks for being such an amazing teacher!! We're crossing our fingers that when it's Sophies turn she'll get you too.

Here's our sweet little Graduate. Congrats Addy!! WE LOVE YOU!

(I made a movie with clips from the graduation program, but it's not loading on here...It's so cute....hopefully I can get it to work soon!)


Kirsten said...

Wow you guys have been so busy lately!! I know the feeling...the last few weeks of school are crazy busy! That is so neat LeGrand got to go on the field trip with Addy and enjoy that experience with her. Addy you are the cutest graduate ever! I can't believe you are going into first are growing up so fast! We love you!!!

Brooke Hill said...

I cant believe how fast they are all growing. She looks beautiful, just like her mom! :D

Janelle Ehat said...

She looks SOOOO beautiful! What a sweet girl! What a fun thing to have real cap and gowns!

Emily Rasmussen said...

Way to go Addy! We re so proud of you. I know you'll love first grade.

..Kris Naven.. said...

The picture of her with the flowers is gorgeous! Congrats! :)

kelly said...

That close up of Addy is beautiful. They do grow way too fast, it's sad. I wish they did kindergarten gratduation here, that's too cute. Sophie looks like she could belong to Ammon and Kirsten! She has really matured since I saw her last.

Simpson Family said...

Makes me a little teary, I'll admit. Paige might be ready for 1st grade, but this mom certainly is NOT! When are we playing??? We are ready for our summertime play dates