Sunday, January 18, 2009

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and KOLBY'S 1st Birthday!!!!

Here are some pictures of Christmas and Kolby's Birthday, we had a wonderful time with family!!! The pictures tell it all.

Our Family Nativity

Our "Elf"
Christmas Morning

Kolby's 1st Birthday


Bryan and Helga said...

Wow! I can't believe he is one! AHHHH... My kids can't grow up that fast! Bryan and I are opposed to it! :) lol
It looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas all together! I'm so glad! Love you all tons!

G said...

Becca, it looks like your holidays were wonderful. You're licky to have so much family around! By the way, what happened to poor little Kolby's arm?

Bowen Family said...

Becca - great pictures! How fun to have your parents and Whitney at your house for Christmas. I bet they loved being with your cute family. I still think that cast of Kolby's is the cutest thing!

Emily said...

fun pictures becca. We love you guys!

Maree said...

I love the Ichabod Elf thing. Where does one find it??? That would really come in handy. Looks like you had a fun family Christmas.