Monday, September 24, 2012

Brielle...during the first month..

I've been slow about getting pictures up of our Sweet Brielle...Here some are!!! 

4 days old

Brielle is so loved.  She gets held, hugged, kissed all the time!!  What a lucky girl! 

5 days old
Can you tell, we just can't get enough of her!! 

1 week old

Those cheeks are just to squeezable, we could resist!!
1 1/2 weeks old Photo Shoot

2 weeks old
I love seeing LeGrand with Brielle!!  She sure loves her daddy!  So do I!!

Oh, I could just eat her up!!!!!

3 weeks

 Thais picture cracks me up.  It totally looks like Sophie is nursing Brielle... too funny...
I love how Sophie is just looking at Brielle and relaxing... Such a sweet thing for a mommy to see.
Sophie loves to help change diapers!! 

 Didn't think I'd see this... Brayden even helps change diapers!
So does Addy!! Man I'm set!!

More 3 week old photo shoots...

Such a sweet girl!!!  Love our family!! 


Bowen Family said...

Oh Becca, she is so, so cute! What a perfect little addition to your family! How fun for the other kids to have a baby to take care of! We are so happy for you guys!

Jaime said...

She is so precious! I love all the pictures. You are so blessed. Brayden looks so much like LeGrand! And I can't believe he's already 11?! Isn't it great to have helpers!?