Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pinewood Derbies

Can we say Pinewood Derby time!?!?!
Brayden has his Pinewood derby and ohhhh it was fun! That's his car in the lead!

Liz, Whitney and Mom and Dad were here to cheer too!! It was fun!!!

Crazy story... while I was trying to help Brayden finish up his car (LeGrand did it all with him, we were just trying to dig out the bottom to put the weights in the bottom of it....) Well I told Brayden to grab his pocket knife...when I took over for a turn the pocket knife closed on my finger...LeGrand was at Bishop interviews and had to run home to take me to the ER. I was worried that I had cut the tendon cause I couldn't straighten my finger and was going into shock... I've never had stitches before but now I've experienced the joy of stitches!! Pretty gross huh? Luckily it's feeling a lot better now... I can almost bend my finger all the way now!!! Brayden was cute...he said he hoped his pinewood derby car won since his mom bled over it.

This Summer for Activity Days they had a pinewood derby too!! Adelyn was sooo excited to make a car!! Tyler and Kelly and there family were here for it so she had a good sized cheering section!!!! Go Adelyn!!!

Good job Adelyn!!!!!

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