Monday, April 4, 2011

My Birthday

My birthday this year was so fun!!  We started out the celebrations getting a big group date to go rock wall climbing and to play laser tag at Trafalga!!! Sooo fun!! Then we went out to Cafe Rio which was delicious!!!!  

The next day we took our kids to Trafalga!!  They had a blast too!!!

My actual birthday was on Sunday, I can't believe it, 31 already?!?! 

LeGrand got home early from his Bishoping responsibilities which was the best gift ever!!!!
Liz had us over for dinner so I wouldn't have to cook!!!  Soooo thoughtful!!!  It was sooo much fun!!!

When we got home, Dan and Emily surprised us with a game of Setters of Catan all set up!!!!  Awesome!! 

The next day Candace asked me to come over and give her an opinion on something.....there were a bunch of girls over there for cake and ice cream!  Girls night!!  I feel loved!! Thank you everyone for making me feel special!!!! 

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