Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halloween Happenings

OK, so we are all still here.... I know it seems like we've fallen off the face of the earth since I haven't blogged in forever...but we are back.. and boy do I have a lot to catch up on.. I know you've missed seeing updates from us so here you go!
We had so much fun with Halloween this year.... here we are carving our pumpkins....
Brayden and Kolby thought they would be "Manly Twins" and carved their pumpkins with out their shirts on. OK, it was really so they wouldn't get them messy...but they sure had fun being macho brothers!!
Here are our finished pumpkins....
Adelyn's Skeleton
Brayden's Football
Sophie's Cute Jack O Lantern
Kolby's Basketball
School Festivities/ Parties/ Parades
Sophie decided that for school she wanted to be Cinderella! She was so Beautiful!!
Adelyn wanted to be Princess Leah from Star Wars... (that was our family theme this year, thanks Addy for wanting to wear it to school!!!)
Kolby was Luke Skywalker... and he had so much fun with the Big kids at all the Halloween Parties!! Brayden wanted to be a Football player for school....He's such a stud!
Here he is, waving at Kolby! So cute!
Kolby had fun, but he was sure partied out after all the hoopla!!
Halloween Treats and Food.....
Monster Eyeballs

These were soooo yummy.... the kids LOVED theses.... Candy corn Pizza
This might not be the best picture, but each piece looks like a candy corn. Everyone liked this too..
Grilled Cheese Jack O Lanterns
Witches Fingers (French Toast)

Halloween- Presenting the Laing Family as JEDI'S!!!!!
As you have seen, my Beautiful Sister Liz and her husband Nathan came to visit and were able to stay for Halloween!!! It was so fun to be with them. The kids LOVED having them here and so did LeGrand and I!!! Thanks for coming and staying with us Liz and Nate!! We love you guys!!
We went and spent some time with Grandma and Grandpa Ras and Grandma Larsen too. I forgot to take pictures with Grandma Larsen, but she threw the cutest party for the kids, with a cake walk, prizes, food and lots of love!! Thanks Grandma!! We love you guys!
May the Force be with you!!!


kelly said...

Wowee! You guys did a lot, and all with a very sick hubby. I'm impressed. All that food looks great. Addie is so pretty, she always looks like she's wearing make-up, a natural beauty!

Jaime said...

Your family does Halloween so well! I am super impressed. I wish I could be as fun as you Rebecca.

Kirsten said...

It's great to see you are alive!?!! ;-) Just kidding....don't stop here...keep posting!! We've missed you guys and you had such a fun Halloween. The costumes were awesome! I may have to comission you to do jedi robes for us one of these days. So fun! You guys are wonderful!