Thursday, August 19, 2010

Utah with Ammon and Kirstens Family

Kirsten and the Kids came and spent a week with us this summer. We had so much fun!! Here are some of the things that we did.

Hike the "Y"

Playing with the Blower and becoming Wind Blown.....

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Rasmussen...helping in the yard... Visiting Sanabieth...

The Dinosaur Museam at Thanksgiving Point

Heber Valley Fair and Ice Cream Shop

Meeting Marcia Lynn McClure

Kirsten and I love this Author! She is sooo good. When we went I had only read one of her books whereas Kirsten had read all of them.. I loved the one that I read, but it was only one...It was funny how when we got tot talk with her I told her how much we love your books. Kirsten even gave me a swift kick under the table.. It was hard to keep from laughing!! Thanks to LeGrand for watching all the kids...Kirsten and I had a really fun night together!! Since then I've read all her books! Love them!!

Ethan's Baptism

It was an honor and a privilage to have Ethan Blessed here in Utah in our Stake Center!!! Same as Brayden!! We are so grateful that we could be a part of his big day!! We Love you E-Buddy!!

Bee's Baseball Game

We were able to go with the Bowens! They are such a great family. It was a beautiful night!!

Kirsten, Thank you for staying with us! We had a blast and miss you tons and can't wait to get together again!! Love ya!!

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