Friday, April 30, 2010

Piano Lessons

This year the Brayden and Adelyn have been taking piano lessons. They have done really well and have enjoyed least most of the time. ;) Their piano teacher Tanner just finished up his school year at BYU and went home for the until he returns I'll be their teacher. Wish me luck! Here is a video of each of them playing a favorite song. It's fun to see them improving so much!!! I love that our home is filled with music all the time.



The kids seriously love Tanner. I love that he comes to our house to teach the piano lessons!!

Thanks Tanner!! Good job Brayden and Addy!!


berrygirl--Jaime said...

Linnea played that same song that Addy played! I guess they have the same book. We heard that song a LOT at our house for a while.

Piano Mom said...

That is so cute! They are going to be great piano players.

Alice said...

They sound great. Robby had a piano recital last night. I agree that it is so fun to hear them improve and to have that music in your home, even if you do hear the same song over and over and over :)

Russel and Marcie Sipes said...

They really are great. I want Riley to start this year. I love when kids can play the piano. Great job kids.

kelly said...

Ok, I'm impressed, very nice guys!